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You (“You” or “The User”) should read our Privacy and Cookie Policy before using our Website. We at (“We,” “Us,” or “Company”) have established this Privacy Policy to explain how we receive, store, and manage anonymized data via our Website (the “Website”).

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Our Website includes information regarding gaming websites and the business.

Links or ads may lead to third-party content (together with the Website, referred to as the “Services”). We don’t control these third-party websites, so their privacy (and cookie) rules apply. Read these sites’ privacy rules before sharing your info.

Your continuing use of our Website indicates that you understand and consent to our data-collection and processing procedures.

Non-personal Data

Your usage of our services may result in collecting and managing non-identifying information (“Non-Personal Information”). Some of this information may be broadcast by the device You use to access our Website, such as your IP address, online identifiers, and usage data, as well as specific hardware and software data, including the version of your device’s browser and operating system, the language of your device, and the times You choose to browse our Website and use our Services. We may also track what you do on our site and how you interact with it to improve it.

Cookie Policy

Our Website uses cookies to identify users. These cookies enable our Website’s incredible speed and usability. A ‘cookie’ is a tiny computer file transferred to a user’s device when visiting a website. This file stores a user’s website preferences, making page navigation simpler. Cookies improve user-service communication. Below is a list of our Website’s cookies and their operations.

‘Session cookies’ only exist while you’re browsing. After closing your browser, it’s gone. Therefore, disabling session cookies may slow down our Website. ‘Persistent cookies are retained longer than session cookies, dependent on the setter’s privacy policy.

One year is typical. Below are persistent cookie shapes.

Analytical/performance cookies: These files collect anonymous information about all site visitors, evaluating their behaviour on the Website, such as the pages they visit, so We can better meet their requirements. Functionality cookies – These cookies differentiate you from other users and preserve your selections, so you get better services on subsequent Website visits;

Targeting cookies are lists of the sites and link users click, which increases the Website’s relevance to a User’s preferences. Your continued use of our Website and any links on it constitutes your acceptance of the cookies and other tracking technologies indicated in this Privacy Statement. Cookies don’t include personal information that can disclose your identity. You may deactivate cookies by changing browser settings. However, disabling cookies may degrade the performance of our Website and services.

External Connections

Current Privacy Policy solely covers Non-Personal Information and Website tracking technology. It doesn’t apply to cookies, data, or tracking measures used by third-party websites linked from our pages. Since We have no control over third-party sites and their policies, We take no liability for them. We encourage You to read the privacy policies of any website you submit data to. The User consciously and freely assumes all risks associated with third-party websites. Our Privacy Policy applies only to our Website and does not include Non-Personal or other information you provide to a third-party website via a hyperlink on our Website.

Using Your Information

User data may be used for any of the reasons mentioned above, as well as the following:

  • To perform research and analytics to enhance our Services;
  • To keep your data and our Website safe and secure;
  • To analyze how significant certain content is to our users;
  • To gather all your data from third-party service providers in one place to better understand your requirements.

Our data may also react to government requests under relevant rules and regulations, court demands, or legal authority recommendations.


We may disclose your information for numerous reasons. They’re underneath.


We may share your data with trusted business partners and affiliates to improve our Website-researching, analyzing, and diagnosing data and website performance. Third-party information is treated under this Privacy Policy and all relevant legislation.


Auditors, counsellors, prospective purchasers and investors may have restricted access to your data. We may share your data with affiliates and subsidiaries to run our Services smoothly. For example, if the Company is involved in a merger, sale of a substantial company share, or purchase of a business or asset, we may give your data to the prospective parties. In addition to the above cases, We may share your data to comply with a government request, applicable law, or legal obligation; if We believe it will help enforce legal rights such as intellectual property; if We consider it helpful in taking action against illegal activities, including security issues and possible fraud; to uphold our in-company policies, exercise our rights to contest legal claims, and maintain the security of our systems.


We only save anonymized data for security and regulatory compliance for the required period. We make every effort to protect our data according to our Privacy Statement.

Information Security, Transfer

To ensure Your and our safety, we spend a lot of time and effort on our security processes. We utilize industry-standard rules and procedures to safeguard data transfers and prevent unauthorized access. We make all reasonable efforts to secure data, but we can’t promise to avoid every unauthorized access or exploitation of the Services.

Unfortunately, Web data exchanges aren’t secure. Data transfer is at the User’s own risk and cannot be guaranteed. The Company will always protect the data in its possession.


Under-18s are not allowed to utilize our services. Our services are for over-18s.

Policy Revision The Company suggests that Users regularly examine this Privacy Policy for any modifications made at its discretion. Our Website has the latest Privacy Policy. If you keep using our services, that means you accept the changes.