Meltdown Show Top 20 Albums/Ep’s for 2014

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Trev McKendry is the host of the original Meltdown Show which airs on Metal Nation Radio every Saturday from 8pm- 12am eastern time. These are his top 20 albums and EP’s for 2014.

#1 Pet The Preacher- The Cave & The Sunlight


 #2 Wo Fat- The Conjuring


 #3 Brant Bjork and the Low Desert Punk Band- Black Power Flower


 #4 The Skull- For Those Which Are Asleep

THE SKULL_For_Those_Which_Are_Asleep_COVER

 #5 Planet Of Zeus- Vigilante


 #6 Orange Goblin- Back From The Abyss

OG_Back From The Abyss

 #7 Crowbar- Symmetry In Black

Symmetry In Black

 #8 Foghound- Quick, Dirty & High

Quick, Dirty & High

 #9 Crowned By Fire- Space Music For Cave People

Space Music For Cave People

 #10 Mastodon- Once More ‘Round The Sun

Once More 'Round The Sun

 #11 John Garcia- S/T

John Garcia

 #12 Mothership- Mothership II

Mothership II

 #13 Blacksmoker- Origins


#14 Doom Division- Train Rolls On

Train Rolls On

 #15 Birch Hill Dam- Reservoir


 #16 Karma To Burn- Arch Stanton

Arch Stanton

 #17 Eyehategod- S/T


#18 The Order of Israfel- Wisdom


 #19 Astralnaut- Thieves, Beggars and Swine

Thieves, Beggars and Swine

 #20 Gruzer- Path Of Buzzards

Path Of Buzzards


For more information on these bands, please visit the following websites:

Pet The Preacher / Wo Fat / Brant Bjork /The Skull

Planet Of Zeus / Orange Goblin / Crowbar / Foghound

Crowned By Fire / Mastodon / John Garcia / Mothership

Blacksmoker / Doom Division / Birch Hill Dam /Karma To Burn

Eyehategod / The Order Of Israfel / Astralnaut /Gruzer

About Trev McKendry

Trev McKendry is the CEO of Metal Nation and also a radio personality on Metal Nation Radio

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  1. Thanks Metal Nation Radio for including us in your best of 2014 list!

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