All Else Fails to release “The Forever Lie” Friday Feb. 17, 2017

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada based ALL ELSE FAILS are back with their follow up to their 2013 award winning EP ‘Fucktropolis’. The band’s new EP ‘The Forever Lie’ due out Feb 17th via their indie label Suicidal Bride Records continues the band’s aggressively dark brand of metal that infuses a variety of elements that includes experimental, classical, synth lines, and spoken word sampling to accent a unique blend of heavy as hell screams and shiver inducing clean vocals.

Vocalist / guitarist Barret Klesko sums up the EP: “‘The Forever Lie’ is the idea that if we fall in line, we will be taken care of. That we can work hard like our parents and we will be successful. It’s that our lives will ultimately have meaning, and that we deserve to be happy. The forever lie is the so called American dream, and that everything will be okay.”

The band recently embarked on their first tour of India performing at the Unmaad & Alcheringa Festivals.

In case ya missed it… ALL ELSE FAILS’ tour diary from India via Decibel Magazine –

Read the Metal Nation’s review of the new EP here:

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EP Review: All Else Fails – The Forever Lie

Artist: All Else Fails

Album: The Forever Lie (EP)

Release Date: Feb 17th, 2017

Label: Suicidal Bride Records

I am not too fond of EPs. It is not about All Else Fails, but about me being a grumpy old-school metal head. Albums and their stories used to mean something. I am a Middle-Eastern. We had to find an album as a copy of “god knows how many” versions and search for lyrics, etc. I remember asking my “elder” friends for lyric sheets when No Prayer for the Dying came out. I was 8. Sorry, All Else Fails Continue reading

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Album Review: Kreator – Gods of Violence

Artist: Kreator

Album: Gods of Violence

Release Date: 27.01.2017

Label: Nuclear Blast

Arguably the kings of thrash metal, Kreator always deserved more attention, more fame and more respect in my book. Not that any thrash head would ignore the success and place of these uncrowned kings, they simply deserve more in my book and Gods of Violence is a perfect showcase of why. Continue reading

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Album Review: Chrysalis – Reminder

Chrysalis Reminder Album Review


Release Date: January 13th 2017

I’m happy to start 2017 off with a bang. Bands like Chrysalis are the best ones to write about because there’s usually so much to say. They categorize their sound as alternative metal, which I don’t disagree with, but alternative metal is just such a broad term lately. Disturbed is considered alternative metal, but so is Deftones and Stone Sour. All of these bands have a considerably different sound. Chrysalis’s recent release, Reminder, shows it has so much more to offer and deserves to be tagged as something a little less bland than just “alternative metal.” Continue reading

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Album Review: In Flames – Battles


Artist: In Flames

Album: Battles

Release Date: November 11th, 2016

Record Label: Nuclear Blast

In Flames is a delicate matter. You cannot simply say they are a mediocre modern band and be done with it as they are one of the pioneers of Swedish death metal. They have such monumental releases like Whoracle, The Jester Race, Colony, and Clayman. However, they morphed from being a trend creator to a trend follower in 2000s and 2010s.  Continue reading

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Horror Metal MALACODA Unleash New EP ‘Ritualis Aeterna’


Canadian horror inspired symphonic power metallers MALACODA (named after a demon from Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’) return with their new six track EP ‘Ritualis Aeterna’ out now as of December 2nd. The EP is the follow up to their well-received 2014 self-titled debut album. Packed with dark atmosphere, originality and innovation, this is gothic power metal for the 21st century with intelligence and intensity to rival that of their infernal inspirations! Continue reading

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Album Review: Testament – Brotherhood of the Snake


Band: Testament

Album: Brotherhood of the Snake

Release Date: October 28th, 2016

Label: Nuclear Blast

Testament is one of the most influential thrash metal bands out there, no matter what. They never achieved the financial and media success of the Big-4, but then, neither did they need it nor it was necessary for listeners. In fact, it may even be a better thing to stay away from that top tier for quality’s sake. Continue reading

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Soilwork’s Fury Tour 2016 Final Show – November 16, 2016 – Toronto, Canada


A press release came into Metal Nation News late last summer announcing one of the best tour packages of the year, the Soilwork headlined Fury Tour with support from Unearth, Battlecross, Wovenwar and Darkness Divided to be played in 26 markets across North America. When the Rev saw that the Toronto show would take place at the infamous Rockpile West, a smallish room with about a 400 person capacity, he jumped at the chance to take in the show with photographer Phoenix Camerah.  Continue reading

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Album Review: Defiant – Time Isn’t Healing

Defiant Time Isn't Healing


Release Date: November 28th 2016

When I think of power metal I typically think of symphonic bands like Stratovarius or Sonata Arctica. Bands like these tend to have a sound so full with guitars and keyboards that they typically fill your speakers to the max. Stereotypically these bands also tend to have a vocalist with a pretty clean cut voice, often operatic to their own right. Defiant describe themselves as a power metal band, but after hearing their upcoming album Time Isn’t Healing, I’m not sure that’s completely accurate. Continue reading

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DEE SNIDER Shares His Secret To A Successful Marriage

Dee Snider

In a business not known for fostering healthy and stable relationships, TWISTED SISTER singer Dee Snider and his wife, Suzette, have made their marriage work for more than three and a half decades, even as Dee traveled the world as the frontman for one of the most successful bands of the glam-metal era. How have they survived the ups and downs and kept things fresh decades into their union?

I get asked this a lot,” Dee said during an interview with veteran radio personality Jenn Marino, who in 2014 joined MÖTLEY CRÜE and SIXX:A.M. bassist Nikki Sixx as co-host of “Sixx Sense With Nikki Sixx”. “Suzette and I have been married 36 years, I’ve been with her 40, living together 39. She is, you know, ‘through thick and thin.’ And I could say some funny things, I could say some truthful things, like ‘Just say yes,’ which every married dude you’ll ever see… ‘Happy wife, happy life,’ and all that stuff like that. Or I can tell you pithy things and stuff like that.”

He continued: “One thing I can say… When we went to therapy — and we’ve been to therapy; I nearly blew it a few times — the therapist said, ‘The only difference between couples who get divorced and the couples who stay together [is] the couples that stay together refuse to accept divorce as an option.’ That’s the only difference. It’s not the problems they have; everybody goes through the same stuff or does the same mistakes or stumbles or falls, but the couple that stays says, ‘We’re not getting divorced, so let’s figure this out.’ So there’s that, and that plays a really big part. And the other part is just knowing it’s a work in progress. And if you think it’s just you said it and forget it — no. Life is constantly changing, things happen…

Snider added: “Look, falls from grace… Success? My success, which nearly destroyed us, because I became so full of myself, I didn’t wanna hear anybody tell me ‘no,’ and Suzette is not a ‘yes’ girl. She’s a tough Brooklyn chick; she’s never been a ‘yes’ girl. And at some point, I didn’t wanna hear anybody saying anything to me but ‘yes.’ So I nearly destroyed it then. But we made it through. I got knocked down, and we kept it together. At one point in her life, her brother was murdered, and let me tell you, that was devastating in her life, and that was one of those points where you sit there and go, ‘Well, for better or for worse… And I’ve gotta hang on through this,’ because you don’t just walk away when things get a little crazy and a little tough, because a depression and a half set in after that. So it’s a work in progress.

During an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Network, Suzette gave her opinion about why her relationship with Dee has lasted this long. She said: “I believe the key to a successful marriage, or relationship in general, is to always view it as the first or second or third date, when things were exciting and new and you literally fantasized about meeting, seeing each other, the butterflies in your stomach. I think that’s the way you keep it alive. And I always fantasize if I was his mistress or girlfriend, what would I do? What would I have done [36] years ago?

Snider’s solo album, “We Are The Ones“, was released on October 28 via Red River Records (distributed by BFD/RED). Produced by Damon Ranger, the record is described by Dee as “an album that is think part FOO FIGHTERS, part IMAGINE DRAGONS, part THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS.” He added: “Forget anything from the past. Most of my heavy metal fans are gonna hate it; I’ve abandoned my past to move forward.

For more information, please visit:

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ALL ELSE FAILS Launch Crowdfunding For New Album ‘Forever Lie’

All Else Fails

All Else Fails, the loud, heavy, lyrically conscious Canadian metal band who’s 2013 EP ‘Fucktropolis‘ garnered them award wins at the 2014 Western Canadian Music Awards and Edmonton Music Awards are ready to give fans the follow up they have been waiting for with the announcement of their forthcoming album ‘The Forever Lie‘.

Almost 4 years ago we released a little EP called “Fucktropolis” that exceeded all our expectations. It’s been a long time following up with a new album, but we finally have the new songs ready to go, and we are about to unleash “The Forever Lie”. We’re extremely excited about it and can’t wait to let you all in on it!” says vocalist Barrett Klesko.

Completing the tracking of the album plus mixing to begin soon along with artwork pending, ALL ELSE FAILS have ran into a snag. In order to give fans their best album to date, AEF need some additional funding. The pre-release date is set for December 2016, with full album release set for late winter / early spring 2017.

In order to complete the production, AEF have started an IndieGoGo campaign, for the first time and in return are offering some great exclusive perks such as an alternate personal CD artwork along many others.

Please visit the following link to learn more of what is being offered: HERE

Plus watch video of vocalist Barrett Klesko explain the crowdfunding and ask random people what AEF means to them below: 

AEF also understands that not everyone will be able to help financially, and that’s ok! You could simply share the campaign on all your social media and let more people know, help them reach farther than they alone can. Every bit helps!

About All Else Fails: 

The fourth release since 2007, 2013’s award winning ‘Fucktropolis‘ was the follow up to the band’s 2012 album ‘The Oracle, What Was, Is And Could Have Been‘ that received world wide praise from industry publications around the world along with their music video ‘This Burden of Life‘ added to rotation on Canada’s largest music channel Much Music, expanding their Canadian fan base dramatically.

Making their mark around the world for their aggressively dark brand of metal that is breaking the traditional ideals of their genre and drawing comparisons to bands like As I Lay Dying, All That Remains, Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God. All Else Fails infuses their music with a variety of elements that includes experimental, classical, synth lines, and spoken word sampling to accent a unique blend of heavy as hell screams and shiver inducing clean vocals.

Their high energy live show sets them apart from their peers and has garnered them appearances on numerous high level festivals over the years, including Van’s Warped tour, Boonstock and opening support slots for artists like Korn, Killswitch Engage, Protest the Hero, Cancer Bats, Dayglo Abortions, 3 Inches of Blood, Fear Factory, Threat Signal, Decapitated, Suffocation, and Arise & Ruin.

Fucktropolis – EP Stream – Listen here.

Music Video – Anti-Martyr – Watch here.

Music Video – Better Left Undead – Watch here.

Music Video – A Most Unwanted Reprieve – Watch here.

For more information on All Else Fails, please visit:

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EP Review: Leaves’ Eyes – Fires In The North


Band: Leaves’ Eyes
EP name: Fires In The North
Release date: November 4th
Record Label: AFM Records

On November 4th, Leaves’ Eyes released their new EP in the USA and Canada. The epic metal hymn called Fires In The North will be the 6th EP released by the Norwegian – German Symphonic Metal band. Since Leaves’ Eyes has released a full album in the fall of 2015, this EP contains one new song, an acoustic cover of this song and three new versions of songs from the latest 2015 album King of Kings. Curious how this new EP will add to their extensive catalogue, read on!

Continue reading

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Album Review: Evergrey – The Storm Within


Artist: Evergrey

Album: The Storm Within

Release Date: September 9th, 2016

Label: AFM

Evergrey is one of my all-time favorite bands. Their discography has so many great tracks, it makes one wonder why the band is not more popular. Well, that is a matter for the PR and marketing guys to discuss. We are here to talk about their latest effort, The Storm Within. Continue reading

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Album Review: Opeth – Sorceress


Band: Opeth 

Album: Sorceress

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Release Date: September 20, 2016

From the moment I first heard the Sorceress single from Opeth about a month ago my excitement for the newest chapter of Opeth grew to a level not acquired from the previous album, Pale Communion.  The air and tone of the single Sorceress spoke to me and said, “This new album is going to blow you away!”  Well, it did!

Continue reading

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MARTYRDÖD To Release Their Sixth Album List Via Southern Lord This November

 MARTYRDÖD To Release Their Sixth Album List Via Southern Lord This November

The unparalleled Swedish giants of modern metallic d-beat, MARTYRDÖD, return this November with their sixth full-length of endlessly fascinating, devastatingly different crust, List, once again through Southern Lord, as with 2012’s Paranoia and 2014’s Elddop. Their calling card of lamenting melodies churned out at breakneck pace has become more and more pronounced with each new record, and now on List, MARTYRDÖD has elevated to a new artistic high point. The combination of crisp Scandinavian metal distortion and intricate, folk-like guitar leads contribute to a record that feels like one for the ages — very much like the fearsome, In Extremis.

Continue reading

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