WEAPÖNIZER Deploys Track From 20 Buck Spin-Bound Lawless Age LP Via No Clean Singing; Band To Play Gathering Of Shadows This Weekend



Denver-based WEAPÖNIZER has deployed a fresh single from their impending Lawless Age LP, which is slated for release via 20 Buck Spin in late June. “Malefactor” is now playing at No Clean Singing as the band prepares to assault the masses at Gathering Of Shadows this weekend.

WEAPÖNIZER has existed in the extremely fertile Denver metal scene alongside the likes of Khemmis, Blood Incantation, Spectral Voice, Nekrofilth, Primitive Man, and many others since their 2009 formation, in that time unleashing several releases including a self-titled debut full-length in 2012. In 2017, everything comes together for the band on their wild and unbound second album Lawless Age, their first in collaboration with 20 Buck Spin.

No Clean Singing issues alongside the premiere, “‘Malefactor’ toys with you for about thirty seconds, revving the WEAPÖNIZER engine, the drums tumbling and the guitar pulsing, and then the band give it the gas, and that big hot engine starts to rush, rip, and roar. The song punches the listener’s adrenal glands wide open with maniacal drum flurries, vicious riffing, starburst soloing, and gritty, red-eyed vocal ferocity, shifting gears along the way to an explosive finish that comes too soon.”

20 Buck Spin will issue Lawless Age on LP, CD, and digital formats on June 30th.

WEAPÖNIZER will take part in the Gathering Of Shadows this weekend -a free clandestine gathering of Black Metal musicians and musical devotees in the seclusion of the Rocky Mountains — joining the likes of UADA, Demonic Christ, T.O.M.B., Hellgoat, Helleborus, and others. Additional live appearances and tour dates are to be expected.


6/02-03/2017 The Rocky Mountains, CO @ Gathering Of Shadows

While one can recognize a variety of metallic sub-genre tags in the WEAPÖNIZER sound, from raw black metal to post-apocalyptic thrash to Aussie war metal to anarchic crossover – it’s all welded menacingly into an indestructible shining alloy of slashing American steel.  A faster disaster with an often-unrelenting pace, the tasteful yet crazed guitar solos and commitment to song craft throughout make Lawless Age a celebratory and definitive vindication of underground metal’s continued relevance more than thirty years on. Finalized with killer cover art by Perturbator artist Ariel ZB, with additional art by Karl Dahmer and Sean McGrath, Lawless Age shreds with eight original anthems as well as a cover of the English Dogs classic “World War 2.” 

Perhaps arriving at the opportune moment, WEAPÖNIZER‘s Lawless Age succeeds in envisioning a technocratic dystopian near future that today seems all too possible. Undoubtedly an album for fans ofDestroyer 666, Venom, Korgull The Exterminator, Voivod, Midnight, Deathhammer, early Slayer, Escape From New York, and The Road Warrior.


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