VIVUS HUMARE stream new album at “Decibel” magazine’s website

VIVUS HUMARE stream new album at "Decibel" magazine's website

Today, black metal mavericks Vivus Humare stream the entirety of their debut album, Einkehr – released today in North America via Eisenwald – at Decibel magazine’s website. Natives of Germany’s rich black metal scene, Vivus Humare comprise members of Mosaic as well as recently an ex-member of the late Alchemyst. The band formed in 2007 and released a demo, Prolog, in 2008, playing a number of concerts along the way and all the while diligently working on their debut album. Although plagued with various issues, at last Einkehr is upon us, and it is a starling work of shadow-draped mystery.

With black metal as the base foundation, Vivus Humare wander through various sonic catacombs – tense and pulsing one moment, doomed and desolate another, dynamic and fluent every step of the way – and take the listener on an emotional rollercoaster ride across five epic tracks. Fittingly, such epic songs are befitting an epic storyline here. The spoken words that appear between recap the narrative and function toward its main themes: Der Schmerz weckt” (the pain arouses), “Auf morgendlichen Pfaden” (On morning paths), and at the conclusion, “Traum” (dream), the last part and its ending. Hear the entire sound/dreamscape for yourself exclusively HERE , courtesy of Decibel, North America’s only monthly metal magazine. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Vivus Humare

Track listing for Vivus Humare’s Einkehr
1. Der Schmerz weckt
2. In Eos’ Antlitz
3. Auf morgendlichen Pfaden
4. Abstieg in die Tiefe
5. Traum


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