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I spoke with the Metal to the Masses winners from Norwich, Vendetta UKHC about what inspires their sound and lyrics. Following a conversation the previous day when Wesley from Vendetta UKHC asked me what we would talk about, I replied with the first thing that came to my head which happened to be obscure kinds of porn. Hence why this interview starts off with the rather inspired topic of well…you’ll see.

Adam: I’m into granny porn!

Are you like Skwisgaar from Metalocalypse?

Adam: Yeah I am.

I find it odd that a granny would apply for that. “I know what to do to earn some extra cash.” Imagine your nan…no! no…Any granny porn in the lyrics?

Adam: Absolutely not, granny porn is just behind closed doors.

So what inspires your lyrics?

Adam: Truthfully, it’s life experiences. I had a bit of a struggle, I’ve seen the struggle go round and round with my friends and stuff. Politically motivated as well to a certain degree, as most bands are. A lot of metaphors and double meanings and hidden meanings.


Adam: Absolutely. Straight to the point.

That’s one too!

So for people who haven’t heard you before, how would you describe yourself?

Adam: We’re a hardcore band.

Wes : Anybody who is into hardcore should know this.

Adam: Straight up in your face no frills.

Gav: Progressive, angry. Passionate.

Adam: Dude: Yeah I’d say it’s more passionate than angry.

Gav: We have a foreboding presence I’d say.

Adam: I’m passionate about how angry I am, haha!


Wes: But yeah looking forward to playing Bloodstock. It’s a great opportunity for unsigned bands to mix with big acts like Slayer and Anthrax, obviously Twisted Sister and Mastodon and all this. We’ve played with Stuck Mojo before, we’ve toured with Stuck Mojo, we did a three and a half week tour with them. It was great to see them today but with a different line-up. But to give bands like us an opportunity to play something like this is great. Everybody is friendly, the owners they know how to keep a nice small simple festival. Everyone has been great, it’s been great.

Adam: It’s a long time coming, though. We’ve been together around eighteen years now.

Wes: 18 long years of watching granny porn and midget porn.

And now you’re here! How did you guys get here?

Wes: We won the Norwich metal to the masses. It was pretty weird actually, we’re from Peterborough and we travelled over to Norwich which is a two hour drive so we had no fans, nobody came and watched us and the bands we were playing with were all from Norwich and they had sold all their allocation, had all their mates jumping around and we actually got through a wildcard from the first heap, a wild card from the semi-final and we got in the final. Then obviously Simon Hall, who picks all the bands, when he said our name, it was a great feeling. We didn’t think we were going to win it. Nowhere near. Everyone though this other band was going to win, it was a weird feeling.

Adam: I said from the beginning we could win this.

What do you have out in terms of EP’s, albums, singles…

Wes: We’re actually recording our second album. We have our album out that we wrote seven years ago but it’s old school now. It’s still good enough and it holds its own but we are recording an album. We’ll get this out the way, see how it goes and then, we got all the tunes ready for the second album.

Still hardcore?

Wes: Yeah it is, it’s getting heavier, it’s more hardcore, more in your face. A bit faster. But it’s good man. The drummer Gav, we started this band eighteen years ago, he writes all the music. I don’t think I wrote a tune! I love his style and what he does and we all just get on it, it’s pretty simple and we get stuck in. That’s it.

Do you have social media?

Wes: Yeah, Facebook. We’re called Vendetta UKHC. We were Vendetta but I think there are a million Vendetta’s in the world.

Vendetta can be found via the following:




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