THRONE OF VENGEANCE Win Best Overall Band At Calgary’s 8th Annual Beer Core Awards


Throne of Vengeance, Calgary’s favourite sons of rocking metal are proud to announce from their multiple nominations (Best Guitar, Best Bass, Best Stage Performance, Best Rock/Rockabilly/Horror Band, Best Overall Band, Best CD – Throne of Vengeance – Live Evil, Best Song – Throne of Vengeance – Hands Tied) at this year’s 8th annual Calgary Beer Core Awards, that they have won the Best Overall Band category.


Bassist Riley Cobb comments:

“This year’s Calgary Beer Core Awards was a huge success for everyone involved. It was great to see all our friends, fellow band mates and die-hard supporters of the Calgary music scene all in one place for a night of appreciation. We are proud to announce that we took home the award for best overall band! We want to take a minute to thank all of our fans who took the time to vote, our friends and family for all the support we have recieved over the years, and the CBC crew for making the Calgary scene so supportive, and welcoming for bands of any calibre. There’s nothing more gratifying, or motivating to recieve such recognition for all the hard work we’ve put in to the band throughout its history, and all the hard work to come in the future of Throne Of Vengeance.

It’s the love of music, the fans, and the support they give us that keeps us doing what we love and never looking back.

We leave you with the quote of the CBC.

Here’s to a few! And here’s to a few more!””

The Calgary Beer Core Awards were hosted at Dicken’s (1000-9th Avenue) on September 27th, categories and winners are listed below. For more info, please visit the following link:

Categories & Winners:

Worst Band Name: Bloated Pig
Best Guitar: Blackest Sin – Michel and Rob
Best Bass: Pervcore – Kuba
Best Singer: Million Dollar Fix – Logan
Best Drummer: The Press Gang – Derek
Best Performance: Frightenstein
Best Sound: Dickens Pub
Best Venue: The Stetson
Best New Band: Thrashadactyl
Best Metal/Thrash/Grind Band: Exit Strategy
Best Rock/Rockabilly/Horror Band: The Electric Revival
Best Punk/Hardcore Band: Pervcore
Best Overall Band: Throne Of Vengeance
Best Song: The Borderguards – Independent
Best Album: Exit Strategy – Atrocity Machine
Elorps Award: Phil Schumacher
Best Video: Chron Goblin Blood Flow

In additional news, has posted video performing ‘Hands Tied’ at this year’s Calgary Metal Fest, which is about a close friend’s imprisonment for a victimless crime and how corrupt the judicial system torments and beats souls senseless.

Throne Of VengeanceHands Tied (Live @ The Ship & Anchor Pub)

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