THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK Streaming “Blackened Visions” In Full

THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK Streaming "Blackened Visions" In Full

French instrumental post-metal outfit The Lumberjack Feedback are streaming their debut full-length in its entirety. The  cinematic journey into darkness known as Blackened Visionsis now playing at

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The Lumberjack Feedback are a modern doom band that stands apart from the rest of the pack. Foregoing the “old-school” sound, the band takes a more progressive approach to songwriting. Featuring two drummers who interweave two distinctly different styles to create a single, massive entity, The Lumberjack Feedback smash the boundaries of multiple genres at once.

Recorded at Electrik Box studio (Sektemtum, Insain) and mastered by Colin Marston (Gorguts, Krallice), Blackened Visions boasts a crystal clear production that brilliantly highlights the band’s blend of Doom, Post Rock, Progressive Metal, Sludge Metal and Stoner Rock.

Blackened Visions is set for a January 15 worldwide release on digital and limited edition (500 copies) DigiSLeeve CD. Limited and collector’s edition vinyl versions will be released in mid-2016.


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