SUPER MASSIVE BLACK HOLES: Digital Edition of “Calculations of the Ancients” Out Now


Digital Edition of Calculations of the Ancients Out Now

Minotauro Records has released the new album from Canadian Experimental Metalists SUPER MASSIVE BLACK HOLES as a digital download. With the release of the physical CD coming on May 10, fans can stream and download Calculations of the Ancients now at

Intriguing, thought-provoking and memorable, SUPER MASSIVE BLACK HOLES plays a mix of genres that will make you scratch your head and tap your foot, all the while banging your head into solid objects.

Seamlessly blending Death Metal, Rock, Jazz-Fusion, Prog, Blues, and a variety of others, SUPER MASSIVE BLACK HOLES will expand your mind and prove that new and interesting music is alive and well, you name it.” – Sea of Tranquility


 “The Canadian band have put together songs centered around science themes (almost like an episode of The Big Bang Theory) and enveloped them in musical passages that mix Death Metal, hard rock, Jazz-Fusion, Prog, Blues, ambient, math rock, and well, you name it.” – Sea of Tranquility

Visit Minotauro Records’ new Bandcamp Page:


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