Sumer, Bloodstock After-Math.




There is nothing quite like sitting in a press tent and getting stared at as you moo like a cow. Yet on the Friday afternoon, I found myself doing exactly that alongside the epic Sumer.

A walrus graces the cover of Sumer’s album The Animal You Are. This piqued my curiosity:

Does the Walrus have a name?


Why a walrus?

It’s the coolest picture the art guy sent us!

What was he sending you? chickens and rabbits?!

He sent us a hippo with its mouth wide open and a walrus. CEDRIC!

So lads, is there a weird fetish I need to know about?CEDRIC

No, not yet… to be honest, knowing Nick Cordell (the album artist) it could be a weird fetish.

What is the relevance with the album?

That’s the real alliteration, the animal you are. It’s about our worst demons inside us and how ID and ego interplay against each other. It started off relatively political, but by the time we finished the album, it changed to be more about people interacting with each other and groups, whether that is political or religious or ‘I love you man!’ or that kind of thing. Human interaction.

My my, if this album follows through with all kinds of animalistic tendencies…well…(my dirty mind kicks in, never late to the scene)

It does! well apparently it’s great to have sex to, we’ve been told this weekend by Simon Hall himself!

Do you take that as a compliment?

I don’t know, maybe once you get passed the initial freaked-out-ness.

That’s something to put in the diary…

Next music video!

Do you have any plans for music videos, any zoo animal gangbangs?

That’s exactly what we’re doing…nah, we’re midway through doing our first video, which is for the title track The Animal You Are, we’ve got our main protagonsist in it…

Is it a walrus?


Are there animals in it?

Nope, there are no animals in it. There are people acting animalistic. It should be a pretty mad video actually, we got this really old school punk guy Bruno Wizard who is the main protagonist. He’s a crazy dude but super cool. So far it looks good.

So, here comes the inevitable. If you could be any animal, what animal would you be?

Bear with this beard!

Tiger! meeeow

Katie Hopkins! she’s an animal, isn’t she?

I think I’d be a walrus, they have it alright y’know, they lay there and sun-bathe. They look like little old ladies.I think you should just flop on the audience like a walrus,

[Lots of walrus noises ensue…]

I think that would leave an impression.

So I asked the lads to do their best ANIMAL IMPRESSIONS


How’ve you been dealing with the Bloodstock blues?

We’ve been trying to deal with them by writing new material and drinking lots of cider. Also giving each other lots of hugs has helped.

Has playing Bloodstock impacted the band?

We think it makes you take a step back and then become overwhelmed with appreciation for fans or anyone that believes in us and what we do, without them we wouldn’t have the incredible experiences playing gigs (particularly Bloodstock).

Do you want to be there next year?

Yes, we’ll actually get full on man tears if we don’t!

What are the upcoming band plans for the next month?

Writing new material, finishing our video, and we will also be releasing the pro shot video of our set at bloodstock soon!


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