SPEEDTRAP premiere new track at “Terrorizer” magazine’s website

SPEEDTRAP premiere new track at "Terrorizer" magazine's website

Today, Finnish riff-mongers Speedtrap premiere the new track “No Glory Found” at Terrorizer magazine‘s website. The track hails from the band’s highly anticipated second album album, Straight Shooter, set for international release on September 11th via Svart Records. Speedtrap’s debut album, Powerdose, took many by surprise and left many established acts eating dust on several end-of-the-year lists in 2013. Metal Hammer called it “metal fed on a diet of Motorhead and alcohol, Exciter and suspect powders – high octane and hellbent for leather” while InvisibleOranges.com considered it a “fist-raising triumph.” Since then, Speedtrap have performed across the European continent and also gone through some lineup changes: Jaakko Hietakangas (ex-Ranger) has joined the ranks as second guitarist, and Antti Salminen has taken up bass duties while earlier bassist Markus Hietamies has switched to the drum-set.

Even though Speedtrap still are a loud, obnoxious bunch of catchy riff-mongers with no regard for speed limits, Straight Shooter also showcases the band’s ability to push the envelope and, with their new dual-guitar setup, write memorable songs that twist and turn like a drag racer on LSD. Hear the latest evidence of this HERE, courtesy of Terrorizer, the UK’s longest-running extreme metal magazine. Cover for the album (painted by Paul Chapman) and track listing are as follows:

SPEEDTRAP premiere new track at "Terrorizer" magazine's website

Track listing for Speedtrap’s Straight Shooter

 1. No Glory Found
2. Torches Ablaze
3. Running Rampant
4. Eyes For Conquest
5. Serve Your Masters
6. Straight Shooter
7. Heavy Armor
8. Savage The Prey



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