SPACE FISTERS debut trippy and creepy new video on The Obelisk

SPACE FISTERS debut trippy and creepy new video on The Obelisk

Alps-based stoner rockers SPACE FISTERS are premiering the trippy, sensual and creepy video for “Yellow Hills” today on The Obelisk. This is the first vid off their fuzzy debut album “Vol.1”, released late 2014…

Feast your eyes upon “Yellow Hills” over at The Obelisk and below.

Formed in 2012 in the heights of Savoy, French power trio SPACE FISTERS produces a highly volcanic kind of stoner rock, that could be described as a threesome between Sleep, Earthless and The Melvins.

Their debut album “Vol.1” is a 36 minute long heavy psych uppercut delivered without any hesitation or concession. The tone in there is roaring, the rhythm section is vibrantly dauntless, while riffs regularly take off to bluesier skies, all towered by an unprecedented amount of fuzz… to make the Earth’s crust shake.

SPACE FISTERS skyrocket your minds into another dimension, and the live experience literally seizes you to the guts, as the band puts on infectiously fervent performances. Within three years, the trio already shared the stage with the likes of Red Fang, Kadavar, Earthless, Mars Red Sky, and more recently Stoned Jesus on their French tour.

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