Show Review: Dying Fetus, Goatwhore, Malevolence and Fallujah Helsinki, Finland Dec 16


On Dec 16 2014, Metal Nation Radio correspondent Teemu Lavikka attended the Dying Fetus, Goatwhore, Malevolence and Fallujah concert at the Nosturi in Helsinki, Finland. This is his report.

Teemu- Dying Fetus, Goatwhore, Malevolence and Fallujah are finishing their European tour, and they still have three more places to go; one in Sweden and two in Germany.
I was seeing their show in Helsinki, Finland.

The venue Nosturi, which is located near western passenger port of Helsinki. Tuesday night is not the best possible time to perform and I suspected in the first place, that the crowd would be very difficult to please. I was right.

Fallujah started the show to almost empty hall. First few tracks barely moved the small crowd but when they played track “Sapphire”, the crowd started to move a bit. Fallujah played only 25 minutes, which was surprisingly short time to play.


After the break, Malevolence from UK took over the stage. The crowd was still pretty passive, but starting to warm up clearly. The first track created a decent moshpit, which was ruined by few “slashers”, who made the other moshers move to the back of the crowd in order to avoid bruises. Malevolence managed to put up several circle pits, which was nice. In this point, there were about 200 persons in the crowd. Malevolence played 30 hard core minutes and I have to say, that if I ever get a chance to see this band again, I will definitely go to see them.


Goatwhore, which played next, was also new band for me and I enjoyed every minute of it. Goatwhore is clearly following the footprints of mighty Slayer – they proceeded from track to track without any unnecessary talk between the tracks. Goatwhore plays a different type of metal than the other bands of this tour; their music has influences of black metal and according to some sources, it is titled as “blackened death metal

The track “FBS (Fucked by Satan)” made the crowd go nuts and huge circle pit appeared – without any slashers this time.


The last and most waited band for this evening was Dying Fetus. At this point, there were at least three times more people, than it was when the Malevolence started to play. Tracks “Pissing in the Mainstream” and “Praise the Lord” made the crowd go nuts; this is metal music concert at its finest! The biggest pit of the night was during the track “From Womb to Waste” and it was one of the last tracks of the night. It was clear, that Dying Fetus was the band which pulled most of the crowd to the venue on that night.

Dying Fetus

The Aftermath:

I think that this combo was perfect together. If the concert would be placed on Friday or Saturday night, there would have been a lot more people than there was on Tuesday night. I also spotted few people from the crowd and made a quick interview with them:


Name: Nishan Devkota Country : Pakistan

The reason why Nishan was here tonight, was Dying Fetus. He and few of his friends are students in Helsinki. According to Nishan “Dying Fetus is the most brutal shit ever
It was very easy to agree with Nishan!


Name: Emmi and Mamiko Country: Finland

Emmi and Mamiko came to see Dying Fetus, but Goatwhore interested them too. Malevolence was a new band for them, but it was ok. The evening went just fine; performances were good and sound was ok.



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