Psykosis Interview – Bloodstock, 2016


Party-hard crazy motherfuckers Psykosis are the perfect cure for your sanity. Hitting it hard with  thrash-tastic metal madness, these guys are a force to be reckoned with.  I spoke with  Tony Corcoran (rhythm guitar), Jay Shaw (Bass) and Grant Walsh (lead guitar and vocals) about the essence of Psykosis and their debut album ‘Welcome to the Psykoward’. Hold on to your underwear people, you’re in for a ride!

These guys decided during their set to throw out bottles of beer into the crowd. I, sadly, being a short-ass didn’t get one. There were many inflatables, balls in my face and above all, thrash metal.

Grant: You will get a personal beer and a personal hug if you did not get a beer at the show. So if you’re reading this, you’re too late – the damage is done!

To tony  – You’re the brewer, the ‘brewspert’.

Tony: Yeah, I’m Brew Springsteen!

Jay: He brewed the beer, we bottled the beer.

Tony: See, we sit around drinking. We came up with a plan: we were playing Bloodstock two years ago and we’re invited to play (again) and we accepted, obviously. Megadeth were playing, lots of bands were playing – I can’t remember the line-up from a couple of years ago from the top of my head. It was friendly, but like a competition. There are awesome heavy metal bands here that we look up to but we need to take their crowd and get them in our tent and get them to fucking appreciate our music.  How the fuck do you do that? When you’re a brand new band from Ireland that nobody gives a fuck about – how the fuck do you take them and get a tent full of people? Free beer.  We can’t afford it, so I’m like, “I can brew it”. We did it, we did it again this year and we’ll do it again the next time we are over. We’ll do it again and again and again.

Jay: Every year there is going to be more and more and more! 14017773_10209710181007855_1972261167_n

Tony: What I’m actually trying to do (because) a lot of young people are leaving Ireland, like, 80% of my class in school left Ireland and they never came home. I thought I’d start my own brewery and employ young people to stay. I’m not interested in giving a 40-year-old with a mortgage a job, but employing young people and making this a thing.

You’ve been described as party thrash by people.

Jay: I suppose. The style of thrash we play is the kind of happy-go-lucky. 

Tony: It was never the aim of the band to write party songs. Just the riffs that come out and the lyrics that go over them are generally fucking fun stuff.

Jay: We generally write really catchy songs anyway. The riffs are very catchy, the drum beat is very catchy and they’re the kind of songs that will stay in people’s heads for a couple of hours after the show.

Tony: It’s retrospective. After you can look into it as scientifically interesting but at the time we’re just having a fucking crack. We really enjoy what we do and if we didn’t we wouldn’t be doing that. The whole thing is about fun.

Jay: It’s all about doing what you like and like what you’re doing, you know.

So pedophiles…doing what you like and like what you’re doing?

Grant: Oh gosh!

Tony: Hold on! How is this for the greatest fucking lyric ever: Am I contagious? Fuck yes I am! The pedophile story behind that song is like a medium to get the greatest lyric you’ve ever heard in your life. 

You’re describing an STD…

Tony:  Thanks! After we finished our set, we all got the clap.

We all applauded.

Tony: Then we were gonorrhea…

Jay: That’s a true story: before I was in the band, these guys were playing in Fibbers. Look it up in the paper: Toxic Fugitive – pretty sure it was in the Irish mirror. A pedophile got cancer in prison and was taken to a hospital. While getting treatment, he went on the run on a ferry to Ireland.  During (our) set, the police raided the bar looking for this guy while playing that song.

Is this an inspiration on the new album?

Grant: It’s on the new album, yeah. That track is ancient at this stage; it’s about 9 years old.

Jay: As long as people can bang their head or stamp their foot to it, that’s entertainment and that is what we want to see. So as long as people are enjoying themselves.

Greg: It’s a good chemistry between the band and the crowd. If they enjoyed themselves, then we did.

Jay: A lot of people ask what makes a good band, what makes a good live show – it’s a good crowd. The band feeds off the crowd, the crowd feeds off the band. If you don’t have both, then you’re in big fucking trouble.

So, the new album ‘Welcome to the Psykoward’

Grant: Our debut album, it’s coming out in September 16th.  It has our debut tracks. We’re actually currently writing our second album so it’s going to be out shortly after just because you had the long wait.

Jay: It will be on bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify.

13697008_1015537151870928_7825345399897432199_nWhat can people expect?

Tony: A DIY killer on a trip to Woody’s to collect supplies to fuck up your face –  That’s what you can expect.

Greg: …and a hug.

Jay: And maybe a beer! There will be no gonorrhea involved but in the morning you can be gone-orrhea!

I saw the artwork briefly.

Jay: It was done by Maggotmeister, You can see him on Facebook.

Tony: He is a Croatian artist he is fucking incredible.

Did you tell him what you wanted?

Tony: Yeah, basically all of the songs on the album have a character, they’re all stories. You can see the meanings in the cover, it’s not deep or anything. It’s just Easter eggs. Listen to lyrics and see the cover. Everything in the cover is there for a reason.

Jay: Even for the second album as well.

Tony: Yeah you’ll get double-layer Easter eggs. In that surprise there is a surprise and in that surprise is a kinder surprise!

Jay: It was mixed and matched by the fabulous Steven Rats Rahaman who was a former Dichotomy member, a killer death metal band who broke up a while ago. Wicked guitar player and he knows his shit, man!

Tony: He played in our band for a while so he really knows our music.

September 16th is approaching first. Tell me, will you purchase a first-class admission to the psykoward? 

Psykosis can be found via the following:


Twitter: PsykosisTM






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