RAMMING SPEEDEast Coast rabble-rousers RAMMING SPEED show you how to host the wildest party imaginable in their new music video for “Anthems of Despair (Summer Jam)”!

Taken from their acclaimed 2013 Prosthetic debut “Doomed to Destroy, Destined to Die,” the track, according to drummer Jonah Livingston, is about “the struggle of pushing a band forward and the toll it takes: The endless cold, hungry nights on the road, the financial punishment, the strain on personal lives, and how if you love what you’re doing, you charge forward anyway. This is an anthem for those who refuse to give up, for those still hungry for more.”

Having recently relocated to Richmond, Va., the band decided to head back to their original stomping grounds in Boston to film at their old haunt, The Monster Shop. Livingston added, “We wanted to show the best part about being in a band — the friendship and energy that comes with playing in a tiny, sweaty-ass room with no stage. As we get older, many have come and gone, so this video is a snapshot of some of our friends new and old that are keeping shit wild and awesome in the Boston DIY scene in 2014.”

 Join in on the party and check out the new video streaming below!


Directed by Mikael Lee Simpson & John Nunn for Mindless Films
Asst. Director: Erica Hill
Unintentional Special Effects Coordinator: Scott Willis
 In addition to the new video, RAMMING SPEED have also revealed plans to return to the studio next month to record material for an expected Spring 2015 release! Says Livingston, “We’ll be heading back to GodCity with Kurt Ballou right before Christmas to record our third LP (second for Prosthetic). This will be by far our most metal record to date. We’ve been listening to an absurd amount of Judas Priest, and while everything is still wrapped around d-beat, thrash and grind, there’s even more of an emphasis on ferociously catchy guitar wildness then ever before.”

 Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks!

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