Paradise Lost Interview – Bloodstock, 2016


Heads up –  Paradise Lost are starting to write a new album! Read my interview with Waltteri Väyrynen who took over from the previous drummer Adrian Erlandsson just over a year ago, for updates.
When we were introduced for the interview there was the awkward moment of – aha! I know you, we totally aren’t strangers. I met Waltteri earlier this year when he was playing drums for Týr at their show in York. It was kind of odd, before having been eating fajitas backstage and now meeting in the press tent at Bloodstock to interview him about Paradise Lost.

I heard you were eating chicken before coming for this interview as part of your free band meal token. Because you’re in two bands do you get double the chicken?

I hope so!

So you play with both Paradise Lost and Vallenfyre, you split between them?

Yeah,  but Vallenfyre is more like a side project because we’ve only had, like, two shows this summer so it’s not too hard to put the schedules together. It’s not like splitting time, when we don’t have a tour with Paradise Lost we have Vallenfyre. We’re just writing a new album with Vallenfyre at the moment, going to the studio in January, I think.

How long have you been playing with both bands?

Vallenfyre for two years and Paradise Lost for a bit over a year now.

How did that happen?

Vallenfyre were asking on Facebook looking for a new drummer because Adrian the previous drummer was too busy with At the Gates and The Haunted and the million bands he is playing with so I just sent my application with some videos of me playing and they asked me like two days later if I wanted to join Vallenfyre. That’s pretty much it! Then we toured for about a year and Paradise Lost was in the same situation with the same drummer because Adrian was playing for both bands. Greg asked me if I wanted to do Paradise Lost as well, which well of course I want to do! It’s been great with both bands – I really enjoy it. Both of the bands have been my favourite bands since forever.

What have Paradise Lost been up to this year?

We did 70,000 tons of metal and then we did this special Gothic set at Roadburn Festival. We played the Gothic album in it’s entirety and just festivals. Hellfest, Grasspop, err the usual ones. It’s  been a pretty busy summer, we’ve had something every weekend but I don’t think we are going to do a full tour this year anymore because we are starting to write a new album.

So you’re now part of the writing process?


Are you going to bring something different to the mix?

It’s mainly about Greg and Nick writing the stuff and me composing the drum parts.

Any ideas or any sketches yet?

I think Greg has some ideas. I think he has recorded something but I haven’t heard it yet. It’s slowly getting shaped up I think.


So there you have it. No need to twiddle thumbs in anticipation any longer, a new album is on the way with new talent, Waltteri.

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