SLOTH HERDER: Album Out March 24th Via Grimoire Records

SLOTH HERDER: Album Out March 24th Via Grimoire Records

The unhinged and devastating No Pity, No Sunrise debut album by Maryland grindcore cross-contaminators SLOTH HERDER sees release through Grimoire Records on March 24th, and as an early warning shot, Metal Injection is now streaming the entire album.

Metal Injection‘s praise should be all one needs to give this album a spin, the popular site issuing in part, “hit play below on our early stream of the band’s upcoming album, No Pity, No Sunrise, you’ll quickly see SLOTH HERDER is an impressive band with a one-of-a-kind sound. Caustic and dark is the name of the game here… No Pity, No Sunrise combines the best of early metalcore (think Coalesce, Converge, or Botch) with dissonance focused black metal elements, bits of hardcore and death metal, a smidgen of proggy sludge riffs similar to Mastodon, and loads of grind addled fury that makes for a dynamic clusterfuck of seething brilliance which defies easy categorization.”

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The Sludgelord Premiere SLAGDUSTER’s ‘Peeping Ron’

The Sludgelord Premiere SLAGDUSTER's 'Peeping Ron

 Isolation has most certainly bred inspiration in the shape of SLAGDUSTER. Hailing from Grand Forks, B.C, the band is name after a slang term local to their area for a piece of machinery that was used in the mines over a hundred years ago.

We are the only four musicians in our small town driven to form a progressive metal band.” says vocalist Shane Sherman.

Inspired by such giants as Goijira. Sikth, Meshuggah, Dillinger Escape Plan, Between The Buried And Me, SLAGDUSTER offer a progressive, groovy, creative, unique and heavy sound. Continue reading

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Out Now! Adrian Pain & the Dead Sexy Streaming Full EP ‘Mixed Messages’

Out now as of February 10th, Toronto, ON’s Adrian Pain & The Dead Sexy unleash their new EP ‘Mixed Messages’ to continue their solid chemistry of an ‘Allcore’ metal sound with emotionally stirring and socially conscious lyrics. Continue reading

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Radio Free Universe Release Debut CD ‘Casa Del Diablo’ March 17, 2017

We live in a world where everything, including music, is itemized and made into a genre (indeed the sub-genres grow daily!). Yet rock is all about rebellion plus rejecting norms and Hamilton, ON’s marvelous award nominated RADIO FREE UNIVERSE are very much their own creation. In vocalist George Panagopoulos’ words, they are “genuine, honest, heavy, sonic…liberating”.

Panagopoulos explains liberty is a big part of the inspiration behind RADIO FREE UNIVERSE’s unique name.

“It is inspired by Radio Free Europe, which began as part of the resistance against tyranny in World War 2. Now its journalists report the news in 23 countries where a free press is banned by the government or not fully established. We apply this to our music. Trying to break free of the chains of genres and just focusing on the song and serving it.”

RADIO FREE UNIVERSE’s debut album ‘Casa Del Diablo’ is set for release on March 17th, 2017 via Jet Pack Records and features twelve infectious rocking tunes. The band’s first single ‘Disclosure’ is currently hitting radio across Canada plus free for download exclusively on here. With just a few days left to the album’s release, RFU are ready to share with fans an online stream of their next single ‘American Gun’.

Vocalist George Panagopoulos comments on the track:

“‘American Gun’, it’s a song about them. How it feels to hold one, how it feels to hate them. You can sing these words and mean them. It will work for both sides of the issue.”

‘American Gun’ can be heard at

‘Casa Del Diablo’ was mixed and mastered by Glen Robinson (Voivod, Gwar) along with him producing tracks American Gun, Disclosure, 18 Wheels and Six with the rest of the release produced by RFU vocalist George Panagopoulos and Mark McMaster. 

Prior to preparing for their debut release, RADIO FREE UNIVERSE has made quite a name for themselves on the live scene in Southern Ontario and greater Toronto area since their formation in 2010. In their hometown of Hamilton, ON, they’ve performed at the Hamilton Music Awards plus have been nominated twice for Recording of The Year. Other appearances by RFU include Canadian Music Week, Lock Street Festival, NXNE, KOI Fest and Big Music Fest ft. Aerosmith, Bryan Adams and Slash.

Show Dates:
March 25 – Hamilton, ON @ The Casbah, CD Release Party 

– George Panagopoulos – Vocalist/Lyricist
– Ryan DavieBackup – Vocalist, Guitarist
– Ashton Norman – Drummer
– Adam Neumann – Backup Vocalist, Bassist

‘Casa Del Diablo’ will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all major online retailers as of March 17, 2017.

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DYING WHALE: March Tour With Machinist! Begins Next Week; Last Moments Of Misery Out Now + New Recordings Planned


Dying Whale

Next week, Georgia’s DYING WHALE will raid the Southern and Midwest US on an eight-city tour with their cohorts in Machinist!

 DYING WHALE is out shoving their crushing new Last Moments Of Misery album down the throats of anyone in reach, following its release through Nefarious Industries issued in early February. With infectious and ferociously raw emotional delivery, Last Moments Of Misery coalesces elements of metal, sludge, and hardcore into an encompassing sound, infused with a theme which revolves around the dark periods in our lives, and the idea of not having a place in this world or a home in the afterlife has fueled the story line.

 The new tour will begin Thursday, March 16th on DYING WHALE‘s home turf in Valdosta, followed by shows in Pensacola, Houston, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Cincinnati, Nashville, with the final stop in Dothan, Alabama on March 25th. Their bros in Machinist! taking part in the melee.


DYING WHALE w/ Machinist!:

3/16/2017 Williams Street – Valdosta, GA

3/17/2017 Handlebar – Pensacola, FL

3/18/2017 White Swan – Houston, TX

3/19/2017 Your Moms Place – Oklahoma City, OK

3/20/2017 Dr. Jacks Drinkery – Omaha, NE

3/23/2017 Rakes End – Cincinnati, OH

3/24/2017 Boulevard Record Shop – Nashville, TN

3/25/2017 Uflyfest – Dothan, AL


DYING WHALE has secured studio time post-tour to record several new tracks for various smaller follow-up releases to Last Moments Of Misery later in the year. Stand by for new details as they’re created.

Decibel Magazine offers, “Last Moments Of Misery is a tour de force that pulls from a host of sounds. Album opener ‘Black Sky Absorbs You In’ sets the tone for the record: frantic riffing, energetic vocals and a hardcore breakdown are all territory DYING WHALE treads in less than two minutes. And the whole record is like that. New Noise Magazine’s interrogation called the album, “a monster… bringing to mind Keelhaul, Kylesa, and Kalibas,” noting, “Sludgy in spots, hardcore in others, but all the while held together by threads of aggression and-if you listen closely enough-subtle beauty.” Svbterranean’s 8/10 review raved, “Last Moments Of Misery is a rambunctious, unpredictable record that will batter and bruise, but will leave fans of volatile hardcore with stupid grins on their faces. This record is turbulent, savage, complex, and is a massive leap forward for this Georgia band.”

DYING WHALE tracked Last Moments Of Misery at Earthsound Studios in the band’s hometown in February 2015, their fourth time working with engineer/producer Lee Dyess (Mayday Parade, From First to Last, I Set My Friends On Fire). Following a lineup shift, this is the first of the band’s recordings to feature bassist Matt Zagorski also handling vocals, which mesh with the explosive and multifaceted delivery of guitarist Josh Zorn. Drummer Eli Werth makes his debut with the band, adding an element of urgency to the music that wasn’t fully captured before. With additional vocal contributions from Rich Weinberger (Gatherers), Jeff Hill (Machinist!), Kelby Clark (Divorce Ring), Nannen Gatchell (Smiler), and Victor Skamiera (Fero Lux) spread throughout the twelve-song album.

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Swedish Death Metal Journeymen SARCASM Return with ‘Within The Sphere of Ethereal Minds’

Swedish Death


Legendary Swedish Death Metallers SARCASM have returned with Within the Sphere of Ethereal Minds. The album will be released April 28 on Dark Descent Records.

Following the unearthing of their first proper full-length, Burial Dimensions (originally recorded in 1994 and officially released in 2016), the new long player is in a sense the payoff of a long, bumpy history that included demos, compilations, and an EP (Scattered Ashes in 2000). Indeed, it is the full realization of SARCASM‘s blackened Swedish Death Metal sound, yet with an identity all its own.

While the music of all eight tracks was written by guitarist Peter Laitinen, he somehow did find that perfect balance in between that very specific sense of melody that could only be summarized as ‘typically Swedish’ (fans of the early No Fashion records catalog will know exactly what we mean here), raging speed and brutality. With one foot firmly planted in the mid-90’s and another in the present, SARCASM is no nostalgia trip, but a genuine return to form to that specific mix of black and death-metal, before saccharine riffing and cheesy clean vocals took over and ruined it all. Moving from the melancholic leads of “Embodiment of Source,” they answer with the blast-o-thon that is “Scars of a Land Forgotten” or the epic-to-kill-all-epic that is the eight-minute-plus “A Black Veil for Earth.”

“It may have taken them a long time but it was worth the wait. Hail Sarcasm!”- Olivier Badin (Terrorizer / New Noise)

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Aarrrrrrrr, the one and only heavy metal pirates of ALESTORM are back, and they’ve brought with them their 5th full-length album titled ‘No Grave But The Sea’! Time to put on your eye patch and let the rum flow freely for the unstoppable international party machine, as ALESTORM have finally announced first and hotly anticipated details on their brand new album!

‘No Grave But The Sea’ will be released on May 26th 2017 on Napalm Records, now the band fronted by Captain Chris Bowes unveiled their upcoming album cover art as well as track listing.

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On April 7th, Swedish heavy metallers Trial (swe) will release their new album, Motherless, via Metal Blade Records.

 Swedish heavy metallers Trial


In 2011, Trial (swe) wrote and recorded The Primordial Temple, which became a stepping stone from where the band was to where they wanted to be. After earning acclaimed reviews for Malicious Arts (EP, 2013) and Vessel (album, 2015), Trial (swe)’s popularity continued to grow, and it wasn’t long before Metal Blade Records signed the band. With plans to re-invent themselves once again, Motherless promises to be another step forward in their career. Trial (swe) comments: “‘Motherless’ is a multifaceted album, a creation of many different elements, yet coherently crafted to perfectly represent the entity that is Trial (swe). The first single that we’ve chosen from the album is ‘Cold Comes The Night’. A ferocious, fast-paced track which displays the aggressive and more straight-forward side of the album.”

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NERVOCHAOS Release Official Video for “Ad Majorem Satanae Gloriam” / Latin American Tour with Krisiun Underway



NERVOCHAOS has returned! Nyctophilia is the seventh studio album by the Brazilian extreme metal kings and will be released on April 7, 2017 through Cogumelo Records in Brazil, and Greyhaze Records in North America and Europe.

Nyctophilia is an eclectic mix of all that characterizes the band, 13 new tracks of 80s-fueled blackened extreme music, executed in NERVOCHAOS‘ trademark raw, aggressive and organic style of Metal. Nyctophilia has a new intensity and is a step forward compared to their older releases.

For the first time, the band recorded the album outside Brazil, spending a month in Como/Italy at Alpha Omega Studio along with producer Alex Azzali, who also did mixing and mastering of the new album. It’s also the first album composed and recorded with the new line-up which features Lauro ‘Nightrealm’ on vocal/guitar, Cherry on guitar, Thiago ‘Anduscias’ on bass and the only remaining original member Edu Lane on drums.

The album artwork was created by Alcides Burn, a talented Brazilian artist that worked with acts such as Blood Red Throne, Acheron, Iconoclasm, Headhunter DC and many more. Nyctophilia also features special guest vocals appearance by Sebastian L. of INTO DARKNESS and Leandro P. of R.N.S. plus one track, “Vampiric Cannibal Goddess,” that features the riffs of Bolverk (RAGNAROK).

Nyctophilia surely is the best album up-to-date from NERVOCHAOS, which managed to evolve musically without losing its trademark sound.

Track Listing:

1. Moloch Rise

2. Ritualistic

3. Ad Majorem Satanae Gloriam

4. Season of the Witch

5. Waters of Chaos

6. The Midnight Hunter

7. Rites of the 13 Cemeteries

8. Vampiric Cannibal Goddess

9. Stained With Blood

10. Lord Death

11. Dead End

12. World Aborted

13. Live Like Suicide

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AT THE GATES band working on new album Anders Björler quits





At the gates

Having completed an extremely successful worldwide touring campaign in support of their highly acclaimed comeback album ‘At War With Reality‘, Swedish melodic Death Metal pioneers AT THE GATES are ready to break the silence and have checked in with a status update as follows:

“So, it is now official that Anders Björler is no longer a part of At The Gates. He will always be part of the At The Gates family, of course, but he will no longer write, record or play with us live. This is something that we, the rest of the band, have felt was on its way for quite some time, as that special spark was no longer with him the last year. We are grateful for all we have experienced together with him, all the records, all the songs, all the gigs, all the laughs and good times.

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Necromancing the Stone’s Ryan “Bart” Williams gives scenic tour of Santa Monica while performing “Ritualistic Demise” bass-play-through

Necromancing the Stone

necromancing the stone

Necromancing the Stone – featuring current/former members of Arsis (James Malone, guitars), The Absence (Jeramie Kling, drums), The Black Dahlia Murder (Ryan “Bart” Williams, bass) and Brimstone Coven (guitarist Justin Wood and vocalist “Big” John Williams) – is currently on tour with label-mates Whitechapel, Cattle Decapitation, Goatwhore, and Allegaeon for a special USA trek that celebrates Metal Blade Records’ 35th anniversary. Unable to join his band-mates on the road for this run, bassist Ryan “Bart” Williams has filmed a bass play-through for “Ritualistic Demise”, taken from the band’s latest album, Jewel Of The Vile. Fans who were hoping to catch Bart “slammin’ da bass” at shows can now watch the video (along with a scenic tour of Santa Monica beach!)

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THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA Announce New Studio Album’s Title and Release Date



the night flight orchestra

Swedish classic/progressive rock supergroup THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA – featuring members of metal front runners Soilwork and Arch Enemy – have announced the title of their upcoming record. The band’s third studio album will be entitled Amber Galactic and is scheduled to be released on May 19, 2017 via Nuclear Blast.

Commented singer Björn Strid: “‘Amber Galactic‘ was made during late nights and way too early mornings, when sometimes, in the corner of your eye, you can catch a glimpse of another dimension, where all the women are heartbroken space commanders in evening gowns, the champagne is always free and the drugs won’t hurt you. We wanted to create more than just a listening experience, instead we want it to be an alternative reality. We hope that after listening to Amber Galactic, you’ll be wide-eyed, horny and slightly drunk.”

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FEN: No Clean Singing Streams Winter Full-Length From Atmospheric Black Metallers In Its Entirety; Record To See Release Tomorrow Via Code666


FEN: No Clean


“There is tension and collapse in the music, dread and delight, the coil of fear and the comfort of faith, if only perhaps the faith that the magic of the land will outlive us. Cold doom and old hauntings shroud segments of these songs; a deep chill seeps into the bones at times. At other times, the music catches fire, blazes like a bonfire, blinds like the glare of the sun parting the clouds and striking a plain of winter frost. It is somber and self-reflective, boisterous and brawling, thundering with power, and mystical in a way that casts spells.” – No Clean Singing

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Evyltyde Announce ‘Rising’ Album Art, Track List, Release and Tour Dates


London metallers EVYLTYDE have announced the release date of their forthcoming album ‘Rising’ as Monday 27th March 2017. ‘Rising’ will be available from all major digital platforms including iTunes and Spotify from this date, with the CD version available soon after. Pre-orders of the album are available from the bands website at Continue reading

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Album Review: Order of Voices – Constancy

Artist: Order of Voices

Album: Constancy

Release Date: March 13, 2017

Record Label: Unsigned

From time to time you come across a band whose sonic frequencies manage to resonate with you in such a way as to make you feel like they’ve always been a part of your life. When I first heard “Reaching Down” from Order of Voices self titled release (2009) I instantly gravitated to the rest of the album. The blend of hooky, yet off time guitar melodies, layers upon layers of vocals well worth the goosebumps and this underlying 90’s rock feel made me an immediate fan. It was not long after that I found myself singing along… but eventually the longing grew to wanting more music from this quintet from Sheffield, UK. Continue reading

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