Pagan metal orchestra VORNA to release 2nd full length album in December: album information and single now released!

Pagan metal orchestra VORNA to release 2nd full length album in December: album information and single now released!

The Finnish pagan metal band VORNA will release their second full length
album ”Ei valo minua seuraa” (transl. ”No Light Follows Me”) on 4th
December 2015. The album will be released through Inverse Records.

The album has been mixed by Tuomas Kokko from Electric Fox Studios (e.g.
Swallow the Sun, Ghost Brigade) and mastered by Jaakko Viitalähde from
Virtalähde Mastering (e.g. Black Crucifixion, Alghazanth, Ghost
Brigade). The album cover artworks have been designed by Jarno Lahti
from Kaamos Illustration & Design .

The lead-vocalist Vesa Salovaara shared a few words about the album
recordings and about the actual album:

This year has most certainly been Vorna’s busiest one to date and the
whole album making process was quite intensive experience as well. The
song material was constantly evolving from the earliest demo sessions in
April all the way to the mixing which took place in July. As a result we
think we’re holding our most mature, diverse and also, in a way, darkest
album yet. Still, neither risks nor untamed intuitive ideas were avoided
and we believe that one might find even somewhat surprising shades from
it’s depths. Lyrically ”Ei valo minua seuraa” is dealing with quite
universal and timeless themes. The story is fundamentally about a
journey towards mental or spiritual equilibrium which is being torned by
contradictive identities and generally estranged world.”

”Jälkemme” represents the more straightforward approach of the album and
that’s one of the reasons we chose it to be the first single. It’s quite
a beast of a song and we believe it has a lot to offer in live
environment. Come to our show and witness it yourself!

Check out the new ”Jälkemme” single from below:

VORNA will head out for European tour in October. The shows in October
are co-headlined with the German black metal titans Thyrgrim and the two
shows in Sweden in November with the Swedish folk/viking metal band
Grimner. Below you may find all tour dates:

1.10.2015 – FI – Semifinal, Helsinki
2.10.2015 – FI – Katse, Jyväskylä + Thyrgrim (DE) & Enthring (FI)
3.10.2015 – FI – Varjobaari, Tampere + Thyrgrim (DE) & Nation Despair (FI)
9.10.2015 – DE – Helvete, Oberhausen + Thyrgrim (DE), Firtan (DE) &
Kapala (DE)
10.10.2015 – DE – From Hell, Erfurt + Thyrgrim (DE), Heimdalls Wacht
(DE) & Pestnebel (DE)
16.10.2015 – NL – dB’s, Utrecht + Thyrgrim (DE) & Nefast (NL)
17.10.2015 – NL – Boelie’s Pub, Winschoten + Thyrgrim (DE),
Hemelbestormer (BE), Anasarca (DE) & Miscall (NL)
13.11.2015 – SWE – Palatset, Linköping + Grimner (SWE) & King of Asgard
14.11.2015 – SWE – PSB, Stockholm + Grimner (SWE) & Apocalypse Orchestra
21.11.2015 – FI – Dog’s Home, Tampere + Kivimetsän Druidi |

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