Outright Resistance Interview – Bloodstock 2016


Sip towards the Armageddon! You heard me. This sexy sentence was the first phrase captured on my dictaphone as I frantically downed a Red Bull to try to make myself resemble something more of a human being. The last day at Bloodstock was definitely taking its toll on me. It may have been the last, but my interview with Outright Resistance drummer Michael “Nelly” O’Neill was certainly not the least. This interview was overall pun-tastic. I challenge you to outright resist the urge to continue reading…

Their PR, Tom Brumpton from Polymath PR thankfully gave us a “one sheet” (not the kitchen wipe advert) with all the information of the band. A useful tool for both of us, so we went through…

Nelly: Apparently we’ve done stuff, at least four paragraphs worth of things. I will certainly need to read this as well…

Let’s see what this says… It seems you released an EP on July 30th this year.

I don’t know why, but I decided to go through all the track names and make a giant pun out of it:

I’m using the sheet because I don’t want you to eat my organs if I say something totally wrong or out of context. Wow July 30th, you definitely proved them wrong.  Just so you know, I’m not taking the blame for being awesome during this interview.  I can see that you’re in pain at how well this interview is going. The red bull I’m drinking, what can I say? Every morning is a challenge, it’s me vs I. Gee, dysphoria: that is how I feel right now, I’m so out of it. I think I’d rather be maimed in Chelsea right about now instead of being in the press tent, I’m shattered.  #puntastic #bantersaurusrex #hashtag

We exchanged a compadre high-five.

Nelly: Ah, cheeky Dysphoria. That’s from our vocalist Paige. She wrote about her personal experiences going through the transitioning herself so that song is all about that, her experiences and how she felt about it so far, how she felt beforehand and how feels now and going through that. 

Can you get our track Poveglia into a pun?

What’s that? 

Nelly: Poveglia is actually an island. Here comes the spiel…there is a boring little Island outside the coast of Italy that used to have an insane asylum and our first EP was kind of a bit frantic. Lyrics are to do with zombies, suicide, mental depression, mental illnesses – we even have a song ‘We Are Here’ to go with that as well. We felt that was a great thing to put against those songs. We struggled for a while to find a good name for it and then we heard about that. Our guitarist Joe found it when watching a documentary and it 13559003_1107202312656538_7080354853224439400_osums it up perfectly.

So you have catchy riffs, you’re catchy…

Nelly: Oh Yes!



Here is says you’re metalcore?

Nelly: Metalcore yeah, groovy metal is in there. We do a little bit of the riff-a-riff-riff. Would you like to nod that head of yours? Yes please.

We did an impression of a bobbing pigeon around the press tent because apparently Nelly walks like a pigeon because he has a bit of a strut

You are like Pantera and Lamb of God wresting with a very large concrete block…are you?

Nelly: I like to go for a German suplex where possible and sometimes I also find just the general headlock into a sleeper hold really allows you to get over the top of the opponent, be in the concrete block, and kind of submit.

Do you sound like Pantera and Lamb of God?

Nelly: Pantera is a new one to me, but Lamb of God I think you can definitely hear, a few of us do like Pantera as well so I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re a heavy influence on us. You’ll find Chimaira definitely in there and Machine Head, like by accident just because we like those bands.

They fell in…

Nelly: Their riffs kind of just fell out into our music.  Whoops sorry, what are you doing here.

Making a musical omelette.

Nelly: It really is an omelette.

With cheese.11844994_927523867291051_7429688200959869936_o









It turns out that dairy is a no-no for Nelly. But if he decides to eat cheese there will be beautiful live show with graphics and song titled ‘bodily excretion’. Oh, and he has to shout “bring on the eggs” in the next live show, because reasons. Cue more puns:

Nelly: How do you like your eggs…rummy?

If this were a dream…there would be rum.Rum where you are?! I need you!

This sheet also says you had a tour…

Nelly: We had a cheeky tour in March, around the UK. We had a few little dates, played in Scotland for the first time.  We played in Ireland – finally made it to Dublin –  as Paige is Irish, so it was about time she went to her homeland. The fact they call their crisps ‘tato’, I feel that in itself is everything you need to know about Ireland…and Guinness.

We’re a band with messages as well as fun times and party canons.

No potatoes?

Nelly: So you want a full on potato to the face…if you do I can make that happen.

You have a lyric video…

Nelly: Yes we have a lyric video for ‘We Are Here’, a proper video for ‘Gee, Dysphoria’ that is streaming from Terrorizer.

Is there anything you want to people to know?

Nelly: ‘Prove Them Wrong’ is another positive message that comes with a lyric video as well. For anybody who has any mental issues or feeling like they’re alone and need someone to talk to. As a band we actually do tell people at the gigs to come talk to us if you’re there or just message us. Sometimes it can get lonely when your brain decides to take over – we’ve kind of been there. Come chat to us.

Outright Resistance can be found via the following:

Website: http://www.orband.co.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OutrightResistanceBand/

Twitter: @or_band

Instagram: https://instagram.com/outrightresistance/(Instagram)




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