LORDS OF THE TRIDENT announces new lead guitar player

LORDS OF THE TRIDENT announces new lead guitar player.

LORDS OF THE TRIDENT have confirmed the addition of their new lead guitarist to their dual six string weapon department.

Lead vocalist Fang VonWrathenstein has checked in with the following update:
We are extremely excited to announce that we have confirmed a new immortal lead guitar player. His name and the story of how we met will be announced soon, but we can let you know that for a time, he masqueraded as “Brian Koenig“, a mortal lead guitar player in the band LUNA MORTIS, signed to Century Media. Prepare your faces, because they’re going to get melted like never before!

Brian states: It is with great ardor and privilege that I join forces with the Lords of the Trident on lead guitar. I eagerly await the pillaging, plundering, sonic mayhem and world domination that will undoubtedly ensue!”

Lords of the Trident – Winds of the Storm Lyric Video

Lords of the Trident recently announced a list of upcoming shows:

4/30 – Madison, WI – Opening for Peelander-Z (with a special guest lead guitarist!)
5/22 – Rio, WI Headlining MAYBASH
6/12 – Madison, WI – with Zephaniah
6/13 – Appleton, WI – with Zephaniah and Forcefield
8/22 – Madison, WI – with Automaton
11/7 – Madison, WI – Gamehole Con 2015 at the Alliant Energy Center!

For the latest band news, visit their official website and Facebook page:

Lords of the Trident official website

Official Lords of the Trident Facebook page:

LORDS OF THE TRIDENT announces new lead guitar player.

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