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After a twelve year break, Kill II This are ready to assault your ear canals with their unique concoction. Borne out of Manchester, Simon Gordon, Mark Mynett, and Pete Singer are ready to storm the UK and beyond with material old and new.

You guys are from Manchester? I just moved back to London from there! 

Mark: We are. It’s like a little village compared to London!

Simon: You can walk from one end to the other!

Yeah, there are more venues in London, then again a couple of venues shut down recently.

Simon: Yeah, they’ll have rock bands on but they’ll have a club night on straight after to make ends meet, it’s a weird vibe.

Where have you guys been?

Simon: We had a twelve year break.

That’s a break and a half!

Simon: Well I’m the new singer, I’ve only been in the band two years, so Mark can probably explain what happened in the twelve years.

Mark: Yeah, I started lecturing in Music Tech at Huddersfield University and that took a lot of time. I actually did a doctorate in contemporary metal music production which took six years of my life, which was part of it, and just we felt like it was the right time to move on from the band and it was also the right time to get back together.  It just took that amount of time to feel right.  

To come back now after we’ve spoken about venues shutting down.

Pete: There is a bit of a 90’s resurgence at the moment, I guess that’s helping, but I think we would have come back anyway, I don’t think it’s because of that. We just managed to get the timing right rather than jumping on the bandwagon.

Mark: The music industry has always been in a state of flux, and you had record labels trying to suppress radio because they thought, ‘Why would people want to pay for vinyl if they could listen to it on the radio?’, but then we realised that actually radio is a great promotional tool. There’s been all these changes in the music industry and I think that it’s going through a period of great change at the moment. The situation now, supposedly, is that the live music scene is the cash-cow of the industry, so everybody is getting their music for free but supposedly gigging figures are going up and up. Whether that is borne out in reality or not, I’m not sure.

Bands I speak to say the majority of their income is merch. Saying you’re a musician now is an interesting thing, Kanye West is apparently the biggest rock star and a genius.

Simon:  The whole model of being in a band now is completely different, it’s almost like being in a cottage industry.

Pete: When looking at the age group we once were, student types, that age-group, are looking into being a subgenre rather than a genre.

You guys are quite a mix in style anyway!

Pete: I don’t know what we are! We’ve been called quite a few different things, goth…

Mark: There’s opera vocals in there in ‘This World’ or ‘Funeral Around My Heart’ But I suppose it’s fusion metal.

How did that mix come about?

Mark: I think back in the day it was being influenced by loads of different music .

Pete: …and [we thought] ‘Let’s put it all into this one song.’

Mark: Pretty much, yeah! Sort of from The Prodigy, I really enjoyed [their music,] and some hip-hop albums, Snoop Dogg, and yeah, just coming up with our own sound and doing something different. I like to think you wouldn’t listen to Deviate and go ‘They’re trying to be Fear Factory or Machine Head or Metallica,’ I would like to think it sounded like an album of our own.

Are you working on anything at the moment?

Pete: There are some new tunes in the pipeline, we should be recording those in the Autumn I think, going to go out on the road and do a few shows as well. Pretty busy until the end of the year really.

Simon: Yeah we are. We have a slight window to record stuff in September but then at the end of October and early November we’ve got a few club dates we’re doing: Camden Underworld, Bristol Bierkeller, Lyric in Dundee, Huddersfield and Manchester Academy III. We are talking to a couple about giving us enough money to do it and giving us a lot of filthy lucre! We’ve talked about doing something in Paris in the new year which will be good.

Pete: I’d love get out and do the European festivals next year.

Are these tracks going to be a fusion as well?

Pete: I’m not sure. They’re not entirely finished yet but I can say they’re unmistakably Kill II This.

Mark: We have a song called ‘Sleeper Cell’ out and a song called ‘Coma Karma’. They sound like Kill II This, but probably with a touch more melody from Simon, and we’re potentially working towards a new album.

Lot of work to do then!  You’ve taken a twelve year break so you should be well rested.

Mark: Absolutely yeah!

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