Israeli Thrashers SHREDHEAD Debut New Track

SHREDHEADSHREDHEAD are set to release Death is Righteous January 12, 2015 on Mighty Music.  Mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen (Suicide Silence, The Haunted, Aborted, Sick of It All), the new album redefines SHREDHEAD’s musical style, making it more mature, more melodic, more groovy, and much heavier than anything they’ve done. Throughout 41 intense minutes the band blasts away with brute force. Ranging from songs that are aggressive and fast to laid back and groovy, the music is enhanced by lyrics that hit close to home. The name of the album describes the concept, which is that death comes to us all in the end, just as it should. These 11 tracks map the way to self-destruction, in all of its aspects and forms in a life that needs to end. On Death is Righteous the now Berlin-based group brings what’s true and honest with a relentless energy that resonates from the first note to the last word.

Israeli Thrashers SHREDHEAD have debuted a new track from upcoming album Death is Righteous. No Clean Singing is offering the exclusive stream of “The Lie” at

SHREDHEADDeath Is Righteous (Lyric Video)


1. Devil’s Race


3. The Lie

4. Last Words are Lost

5. Death is Righteous

6. Hallucinations

7. Walk with the Dead

8. Can’t be Left Alive

9. Witness Hell

10. I Hate Myself

11. I Am


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