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In the sea of metal bands out there today, it is sometimes difficult to find a band that not only defines the genre they play but also provide a sense of originality. That being said it was an absolute pleasure to have discovered upcoming polish thrash metal band War-Saw. Metal Nation Radio immediately added them into rotation and was fortunate enough to grab this exclusive interview with the newest addition to the band Łucasz (Luke) Borawski 

Please give us a brief introduction to the band.

Luke B: We are just ‘Five metal maniacs from Poland.’

Upon reading your band’s bio the band was formed in 2008.  I’m curious why you choose the name War-Saw for the band as Warsaw is the capital of Poland.

Luke BIn fact, we get asked this a lot. We had been having some kind of a word-game and at some point we found that the words “War” and “Saw” fit for thrash metal music and, what’s even more important – the band!

 What was your most memorable moment during Metalfest?

Luke BFor me it was an event-to-remember, where my dreams came true. We played at the same festival with my one of my biggest heroes, like, Phil Anselmo of Down, Accept, Destruction, Sodom . Luckily, I got a chance to talk with Phil, it was fucking awesome!

Anything in particular you would like to forget during that show?

Luke BHmm , I don’t think there was anything I would like to forget…

How long did it take to write Nuclear Nightmare?

Luke BTwo years. We wanted to refine the material and the sound of this album because it took so long.

Who is the primary songwriter or do you all contribute to the writing process?

Luke B: Our singer writes the lyrics to songs. Working on a new piece lies in the fact that I meet with a second guitarist and come up with riffs, then bass player and drummer inventing their own parties. If the effect will be if we liked the singer enters with the text.

Judging by the title of each track would you say the lyrics are inspired by what is currently going on in the world today?

Luke B: Exactly, lyrics on the Nuclear Nightmare relate to human weakness. We wanted to have the lyrics of the most current events.

Is there a particular track or tracks on this album that are personal favorites of yours?

Luke B: For me, the best song on our album is “Spiral of violence”. That song includes some great riffs and feeling. Especially, the solo played on bass.

Lukasz what guitarists have been an inspiration to you and why?

Luke B: I’ve been playing guitar for 14 years. Dimebag Darell has been inspiring me since I had started to play. His style of playing has been always fascinating me. When I have do the solo on my guitar I try to use his own patents.

What does your guitar rig consist of ?

Luke B: A few days ago I became an endorser of Dean Guitars. I’ve chosen Dimebag signature model Dean from hell. That guitar is super great. Of course I’m using Jackson and Gibson guitars too. When it comes to the amplifiers I own Marshall Jcm900 and Marshall cabinet 1960A.

Your last lineup change was in 2013.  Do you feel the band is solid now?

Luke B: Right after Metalfest bands introducement Radek and Paul had decided to leave the band. Quaku and Darek replaced them. Now, we are a fully-established band.

Describe the metal scene in Poland.

Luke B: We have a lot of good bands here. I’m not talking now about Behemoth, Vader or Decapitated as they are big bands, but in Thrash metal we have a few legendary bands like KAT, Acid drinkers, Turbo…

The cover for Nuclear Nightmare was done by Michał Xaay Loranc correct?

Luke B: Yes, and we hope he will help us with the cover of a second album too.

What are some of your hobbies?

Luke B: Shortly – Movies, Music, Guitars.

Which five albums do you have in your music collection that you never tire of?

Luke B:

  1. Pantera – Cowboys from hell
  2. Metallica– Master of Puppets
  3. Black Label Society – Mafia
  4. KISS – Destroyer
  5. Black Sabbath – Heaven and hell

Are you currently working on a new album?  

Luke B: Yes, we want it to come up this November. Right now we’re working on the songs for the album. I think it will be finished on December for sure.

What festival or festivals would you like to play at?

Luke B: Wacken open air of course and 70000 Tons of Metal

 If you had to be the opening act for a major band who would it be and why?

Luke B: Ohhhh, that’s a tough question. I think it would be Metallica, because they are a one of my favorite bands. I remember when i was starting my guitar journey I was playing a lot of their stuff so it would be a huge honor for me.

Any advice you can give to up and coming musicians?

Luke B: Don’t stop believing in your dreams and practice a LOT!


WAR-SAW Biography:

The band was founded at the beginning of 2008 in Warsaw by Marek Agnostic Molenda (guitarist, lead composer) and Paweł Taz Kowalski (singer, lyricist). From the very beginning the band has focused on playing trash metal, combining speed and power with modern and rich sounds as well as with elements typical for other metal genres, trying to reach beyond every convention.

After numerous lineup changes, typical for every young band, WAR-SAW’s debut material was finally developed and the band started to give first concerts. WAR-SAW performed alongside such bands as Horrorscope, Bloodwritten, Dragon’s Eye and Broken Sword, in the meantime selecting songs for its first EP.

In spring 2009, at the DBX studio situated in Warsaw, under the watchful eye of Jacek Mielnicki, the band recorded its first EP entitled ‘Thrash Metal War Machine’. The EP that included 4 tracks and an intro was released as a CD-pack and received praise from many critics.

Between summer 2009 and spring 2010, the band played numerous concerts, performing with such artists as Stos, Inhuman Obsessed, Sapros, Headbanger or Decomposed God from Brasil. In spring 2010, after subsequent lineup changes, the band recorded its second EP entitled “Spiral of Violence”. This time, the EP was released both in the form of CD-pack paper envelopes, which were given out for free during the band’s concerts. Also this time the album received positive reviews. During the national tour promoting the album, the band played with such artists as Kat, Trauma, Armia and Monolith. Moreover, in May 2010, WAR-SAW took part in the Trashmetal Mania Festival.

In spring 2011, after some lineup adjustments, the band started to prepare the material for its debut album entitled “Nuclear Nightmare”. The album was recorded at Progresja Studio, in cooperation with Paweł Janos Grabowski and mastered at Herz Studio. The cover was designed by Michał Xaay Loranc. The album was promoted with a video release of the title song – Nuclear Nightmare can be viewed below:

Currently, the bad prepares for a promotion tour.

In march 2013 a new guitarist joined us, who has several years in stage and studio experience, as a replacement for Sherman, who decided to fully devote himself to motorcycle racing. The new part of our team, Luke Borawski, said a few words about himself: ”I’ve toured with bands like Trauma, Lostbone, Chainsaw. The objectives in the band: to increase my experience of guitar, concerts, and working for the next album. Musical influences: Metallica, Pantera, Black Label Society, Down. Favorite guitarist: Dimebag. Music is a part of me, without my world of metal music probably would turn a 180*“.

For more information on War-Saw, please visit:





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