Handout Releases New Single & Video – “Empty Soul”


Hungary’s Handout recently released a new single and video titled “Empty Soul”.  Now, as you might imagine, we get scores of new releases from independent bands and industry sources over the course of any given week and the most relevant are posted as news items from day-to-day. “Empty Soul” however struck a chord with our editor that demanded a little more attention. Read on to learn why… 

“Empty Soul” is killer groovecore, the term coined to describe a place in the metal sub-genre spectrum between groove metal and metalcore. It tells a tragic story best described in the band’s own words, “The video was made in honor of our new frontman’s best friend, who had sadly deceased recently. The story represents that we all have a chance at a certain point in our lives to change, and it’s only up to us to recognize the signs that refer it’s the time to switch to a different lifestyle.” 

The track is melodically memorable with great riffs and plenty of metalcore staples musically but a vocal that sits creatively between the harsh scream of standard metalcore fare and the baritone melodic voice of singer  Balázs Tari. The video is conceptually complex and full of raw emotion and energy. 

Handout has been in existence for about 3 years and has 2 EP’s and 2 singles under its belt but the departure of their former vocalist brought them to a very difficult challenge. The mastering of that challenge is now coming to fruition with the addition of vocalist Tari, the release of “Empty Soul” and live shows in and around their native land. When I asked the band to elaborate about their history they replied as follows:

Our previous vocalist had quit the band back in 2014, so it has been a very hard period in the band’s life, especially finding a new vocalist. In the beginning of 2016 we finally found the guy we needed. His vocals blew us away, therefore it filled us up with energy and enthusiasm, that lead to our first common project, “Empty Soul”. We wanted this song to be a bit different to our previous ones, we have all evolved throughout the years musically, so that helped a lot. We wrote some more complicated riffs, and also the vocals have much more diversity compared to our old songs.”

The track is well worth your time and effort to download for free from the band’s official Soundcloud page and the video is worth seeing repeatedly. Expect to hear “Empty Soul” on rotation at Metal Nation Radio.

Lineup:  Balázs Tari – vocal, Balázs Busa – guitar, Soma Hannó Soós – guitar, Balázs Bene – bass, Levente Virág – drums.

Handout of Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/handoutband

Handout on YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/c/handout

Handout on Soundcloud:

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