HOLLOW Announce Forthcoming Album ‘Mordrake’ Out May 30th; New Music Video ‘Landscape’


L-R – Blake “Blaac” Lemieux (Drums)| Eddy “Snow” Levitsky (Bass)| Jeff “Mott” Macdermott (Vocals) |on table Dave “Cadaver” Gagné (Guitar)

Conquering audiences across Québec and Ontario with their unique look and high-energy stage performances since their inception in 2009, Montreal, QC based melodic death metal band Hollow are proud to announce the official release of their debut full length ‘Mordrake’ set to be unleashed on May 30th.

Produced at Uplift Studios by Kevin Jardine (Slaves On Dope) and co-produced by Dan Lauzon (Entropy) and Hollow, the debut is the follow up to the band’s 2010 EP ‘Cynoptic Eschaton’ and features a unique analogue approach towards extreme metal. Recorded without the use of any triggers, midi or copy/paste editing, the album showcases live off the floor performances that bring a breath of fresh air into an over-compressed and digital world of today’s recordings.

Vocalist Mott comments:

“An offering of symphonic black metal, with origins and inspirations planted firmly in death and thrash, we are proud to release “Mordrake“, the fruit of our passion, dedication and hard work we were challenged with over the last year. Using an old school approach towards modern extreme metal to give the record a more straight to the point, early nineties vibe from today’s digital era, we feel the album is direct, fast, heavy and powerful with a melodic background, merging influences and keeping the audience attentive and entertained. Simply put, there is something on “Mordrake” for every music aficionado out there. “

Hollow has shared three tracks online with fans from the release, which can be heard at the following links below:

Landscape (Music Video)

Iscariot (Lyric Video)

Hate (Song Stream) – http://youtu.be/B_GFh5woSAM

Clad in black and painted in ghostly, skeletal white and gray, Montreal’s Hollow is one of North America’s most deceptively original and subversive underground metal acts today. Exploiting the surface aesthetics of black metal, the band surprises with an abundance of musical diversity and depth.” – Metal Underground.

“A primer on how extreme metal ought to sound: adventurous, expansive, daring, and heroic.” – Metal Underground


Track Listing:
1.Lament Configuration
2. Cryptic Howling
3. A New Life
4. Landscape
5. Iscariot
6. Sunriser
7. Vlad
8. Anomie
9. Snow
10. Birth
11. Hate
12. Death

Album Credits:
• All songs performed by: Hollow
• All songs written by: Hollow
• Produced by: Kevin Jardine, Dan Lauzon & Hollow
• Mixed by: Kevin Jardine
• Mastered by: Kevin Jardine

Snow – Bass
Cadaver – Guitar
Mott – Vocals
Blaac – Drums

For more info, please visit the following links:






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