Hades Lab Review – Incineration Fest, London

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Hades Lab, a five-piece crushing ensemble from the UK ignited a flame at this year’s Incineration Fest, scalding the audience with  relentless guitar riffs, driven drums and blistering vocals that altogether branded the audience with their unique brew of grind, death and black metal: these guys are not be to be given the cold-shoulder.

The band’s first track Harbouring Atrocities is guitar led, fusing tuneful riffs and alternating time signatureSAMSUNG CSCs with a heady dose of angst showcasing the impeccable musicianship of the band. Dynamic shifts of rhythm and guttural vocals make this track atrociously addictive. Their track Archetypal Inhuman Madness is more stripped down in comparison, allowing as the front-man Hauron says “time to savour the ingredients”. Hauron’s stentorian vocals wreak havoc, Rushy’s incessant drum-work alongside the triple threat of Geoff, Andrew and Charlie’s tight-knight guitars is pure melodic madness that infects the audience with hysteria.

Their orgasmic cover of Gorgasm’s Seminal Embalmment made the audience combust with excitement. Delivering the track with ease and flaunting the ensemble’s technical proficiency, the fire in the audience was unleashed – heads banging, fists-pumping – truly electric.  The onslaught continued with a rendition of CarcassReek of Putrefaction that reeked of anger and aggression, defiling the audience with their energy and charisma. The band later soldiered on with Sepultura’s Troops of Doom concluding with a flawless cover of Suffocation’s  Infecting the Crypts. Hades Lab‘s ability to renew classics in a tidal wave of energy that pulls audience’s under is like a calling card. Overall, the covers demonstrated the band’s potential to deliver earth-shattering performances with finesse, technicality and charisma.

With material in progress, the band is well on their way to headline tours across the UK and beyond.

Overall Rating – 7/10

Members: Hauron – Vocals,  Andrew – Guitar,  Geoff – Guitar/Vocals, Charlie – Bass, Rushy – Drums.

Hades Lab can be found via the following:

Wesbite:  https://www.reverbnation.com/hadeslab

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hadeslabmusic

Twitter: @HadesLab



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  1. Charlie Lord says:

    Thanks for the killer review, glad you enjoyed the show 🙂 \m/
    – Charlie, Hades Lab

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