Festival Review: Metalcon – The Hague 20-21st of May. Part 3


Part 3, the final part of the review of the 4th edition of Metalcon! This part will cover the final bands of the Saturday afternoon and evening! These bands are Korpse, Bleeding Gods, Saille, Rectal Smegma and Bodyfarm. Among these bands, some established and very promising bands took the stage. Curious how these bands pleased the ears of many?Continue to read and find out yourself!

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Korpse TedThe 6th band of the day was Korpse. Currently, touring Europe, the slam/brutal death/grind band stopped at The Hague to rock the Musicon stage. Vocals are done by Sven, guitar by Floor, bass by Mart and drums by Marten. When Korpse took the stage, every single person in the audience knew stuff was about to get heavy. While perfectly combining slam, brutal death and grindcore, the wall of sound fired towards the audience could potentially turn every civilized man or woman into a frenzied mob. And so it happened, the entire crowd went wild, moshing from start to finish. Unfortunately, Korpse played during dinner time which resulted in a slightly smaller audience. Lucky for the people who stayed, this left more space to mosh. The music was great, vocals inaudible (just as we like it with this kind of music) and the stage performance was awesome!
Korpse definitely gets an 8/10 for their performance!

Bleeding Gods TedAfter Korpse, Bleeding Gods took the stage. Bleeding Gods consists of Mark Huisman (vocals), Ramon Ploeg (guitar), Rutger van Noordenburg (guitar), Gea Mulder (bass) and Marco de Groot (drums). Together, they play Death, Thrash and Heavy metal like they have been doing it all their lives. The music was fast, loud and brutal like all other bands at this festival, but Bleeding Gods is definitely not one among others. Their unique sound is hard to point out, yet they cannot be compared to any other band just so. Aside from the brutal death, Bleeding Gods does most certainly include rather groovy riffs and drumming. This aids in their being abot to stand out amongst the other bands. Bleeding Gods is one of those groups that play their songs live exactly as they sound on the album, which is a very good thing. Their performance at Metalcon was most definitely of a quality suitable for bigger stages than Musicon. Luckily Bleeding Gods will play at Eindhoven Metal Meeting this December, sharing the stage with bands like Mayhem, Tiamat and Moonspell.
The performance all together results in an 8/10 for Bleeding Gods!

Saille TedThe 8th band of the festival was Saille. Saille hails from Belgium and consists of Dennie Grondelaers on vocals, Reinier Schenk and Jonathan Vanderwal on guitars, Dries Gaerdelen on keys, Kristof van Iseghem on bass and Kevin de Leener on drums. Their music should be described as Epic Black Metal. Because of this, Saille was the odd one, standing out amongst the other bands which were closest to death metal. Nonetheless, the crowd loved it. As soon as Saille started playing, the crowd went crazy and rightfully so. Since Saille is rather different from the other bands that played at this years Metalcon, the music might have sounded even more epic than it would have otherwise. The straight up demonic black metal was supported by epic guitar and keys riffs, pleasing the ears of everyone present. Saille is a band that the music scene should definitely pay attention to as they are on a par with the likes of Carach Angren. Therefore they deserve a 9/10!

Rectal Smegma TedThe second to last band of the day was Rectal Smegma. Rectal Smegma is Yannic (vocals), Stijn (guitar), Baard (bass) and Walter (drums). These guys like to describe their music as Back Door Porn Gore. In more familiar terms, Goregrind would suffice. Fortunately for the audience the music made by these men is just as dirty as the band name would suggest. The vocals, utterly disgusting, just as we like it when listening to Goregrind. The music was as heavy as music could possibly get. Conclusion: the band put on a great show. Unfortunately their were some technical difficulties with the microphone, but as soon as these were fixed, the band kept playing as if nothing happened. The tracks were a mixture of older releases plus new ones from their latest release Gnork which came out on May 5th.
All the gore and brutal music combined, these guys deserve no less than an 8/10!

Bodyfarm TedThe final band of the festival was Bodyfarm, and none of the other bands at Metalcon band could have done it better. These Dutch men from Amersfoort know how to entertain a crowd with their ‘Death metal in a dutch way’ as they like to call it. The band consists of Thomas Wouters on guitars and vocals, Bram Hilhorst on guitars, Alex Seegers on bass and Quint Meerbeek on drums. Bodyfarm had played on Metalcon before and was eager to come back, this time as headliner. The audience was all sweaty and pumped up by now. When Bodyfarm took the stage it seemed like the entire crowd was re-energized and started moshing like they were born to do so. The music was outright perfect, well balanced, brutal, heavy and even quite technical. Bodyfarm was born for only one purpose, to entertain. Well, this night entertainment in this context got a new definition.  Just like Martyr the day before, Bodyfarm went over time, pleasing the crowd till well past midnight.
Perfect performance, 10/10!

The overall feeling of the festival was great. It almost felt like coming home, even though it was my first time at the venue. Metalcon is a local festival making it rather personal and famous in the area around The Hague and beyond. Probably because it is a ‘small’ festival, the bands are very approachable, having drinks with the audience while other bands were playing. Looking back at it, I feel like I met a new family over there at Musicon, so they can definitely expect to see me again next year! If you happen to be nearby, I would most certainly recommend to visit Metalcon next year! If you cannot be there, try to visit some of the other gigs at this venue as it is great to check out some of the local and upcomming bands from The Netherlands!

For more amazing pictures of the Saturday bands, please visit the Facebook page of Ted Gijsman!


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