Festival Review: Metalcon – The Hague 20-21st of May. Part 2


Yesterday, Part 1 we hard about the Friday shows at Metalcon. Click on the highlighted “Part 1” if you missed it! (Part 1). This review, Part 2, will look at the gigs of the Saturday morning and early afternoon with the following bands: Warborn Waste, HellBender, Defazer, Facelifter and Sisters of Suffocation. These bands were quite a bit different from the bands that played on Friday morning. But hell, they played like crazy! How did they play? Well continue to read and find out yourself!

All the awesome pictures from the Saturday gigs by Ted Gijsman, full credit goes to him!

Warborn Waste TedSaturday afternoon the party continued. With a lot of new faces added to the crowd, the venue was packed as soon as Warborn Waste, the first band of the day, took the stage. Warborn Waste describe themselves as modern death metal. The band consists of Victor Weise (vocals), Lorenzo Lammertink (lead guitar), Laurens Eman (rhythm guitar), Mick van Dijk (bass) and Max Hendriks (drums). The moment Warborn Waste started their show, there was something I immediatly noticed, which was the age of the band members. When listening to their tracks, I thought this would be a band consisting of middle-aged men. Hell, was I wrong. The vocalist of the band, Victor Weise, turned 16 last month. This is a band the metal scene should definitely pay attention to!
Due to their solid performance, Warborn Waste deserves a 9/10!

HellBender TedAfter Warborn Waste, it was time for HellBender to entertain the crowd. HellBender is a Thrash/Death metal band from Leiden in the Netherlands. The vocals are done by Johan, guitars by Robin and Jeremy, bass by Pablo and drums by Dennis. Sometimes it is hard for me to see where Thrash ends and Death begins. HellBender managed to mix those two genres till they form their very own. The fast riffs and drums are very typical for thrash metal, whereas the vocals tilt more towards Death metal. HellBender fit in perfectly with the other bands on this festival, though it could be considered a bit calmer than some others. This added more dynamics to the festival, keeping the crowd entertained. Stage performance was not exuberantly presented, but it was certainly not bad!
HellBender deserves a 7/10!

The third bandDefazer Ted of the day was Defazer. Defazer is a 4-piece thrash metal band consisting of
William (guitar and vocals), Mike (guitar), Lorenzo (bass and backing vocals) and Jonathan (drums). This band is the perfect embodiment of thrash metal, exciting the crowd to the maximum. It was this gig where the legendary inflatable crocodile was thrown into the moshpit. According to the Metalcon veterans, this crocodile has made its appearance every edition of Metalcon thus far. The band was not shy to engage with the crowd at all!
The solid stage performance, as well as the sound results in a 8/10 for Defazer.

Facelifter TedFacelifter was the fourth band of the day. This Extreme Metal band is formed by members from the Metal Factory in Eindhoven which has a music program (one could call it a conservatory) for Metal. The band consists of Mike van den Heuvel on vocals, Dave Meester on lead guitar, Johan Girard on rhythm guitar, Sid van Kastel on bass and backing vocals and Bastiaan Koster on Drums. Facelifter would be the exact definition of the genre extreme metal in my opinion. The vocals ranged from highs which reminded me of Winds of Plague till lows which were close to Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe. The music itself was brutal, straight in your face and heavy. This created the perfect atmosphere for moshpits. Mike couldn’t stand idle and watch the moshpit so he decided to join during instrumental sections. My favorite track of their show was the final one, called Nocturnal, simply because it makes you want to slam your body into the person right next to you.
Facelifter deserves nothing less than a 10/10!

Sisters of Suffocation TedThe audience barely caught their breath from the Facelifter show when Sisters of Suffocation took the stage. The band consists of Els Prins (vocals), Simone van Straten (guitar), Amber de Buijzer (drums) and Puck Wildschut (bass). Yes, these are 4 women, but make no mistake. These girls don’t come from heaven, which you would expect when seeing them. The death metal they force down your ear holes will surely leave you breathless. The vocals by Els Prins are a serious competitor for Angela Gossow (former Arch Enemy). Just like Facelifter, the roots of Sisters of Suffocation lie with the Metal Factory in Eindhoven. Interesting was the pink, shining, glittering microphone used (or should I say abused?) by Els. The band played as if they had been performing in front of large crowds for a while and this crowd went wild. Sisters of Suffocation is a band that doesn’t need a second guitar player, Simone fills up any possible gap one could think of with only one.
This band is the perfect example of the fact that girls are not just sweet, but can be metal as hell at the same time! 9/10!

Part 3 will be uploaded tomorrow, June 3rd!

For more amazing pictures of the Saturday bands, please visit the Facebook page of Ted Gijsman!


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