Exclusive World Premiere of Advanced Track From Sentient!

Ceremonial Muder cover

Sentient was spawned in Calgary Alberta in 2004, and have been carving a bloody path to the top of the local scene ever since. Sentient’s music is packed full of energetic riffage, dual vocals and heavy tones, drawing influence from both American and European Thrash/Death metal culture. They are poised to release a new 10 track assault in early 2016 titled, Lord of the Beasts  and the exclusive advanced track, We The Fallen can be heard below. 

Founded by Edmund Saulnier (guitar, vocals), Ranjit Ranawaya (bass, vocals) and Tod Quinlan (drums), the band quickly began melding their wide variety of influences into their own sound. After honing it at numerous live shows, 2006 saw the release of This Flesh Is Only A Cage, a self-recorded demo. Strong sales, positive reviews and even some radio play from local university station CJSW helped to push the band further. With increasing demand from the band, as well as their growing fan base, writing began in 2008 on a new album. Recording was set for mid 2008 when tragedy struck, and Edmund was involved in a car wreck in Saskatchewan, leaving him unable to work or play guitar for six months.

Sentient1Recording for Brink Of Extinction, their 10-track debut album began in earnest in early 2009. As the band started to rev up in anticipation of the release, tensions began to increase, leading to the late 2009 departure of Tod Quinlan. The loss of Quinlan, along with increased costs almost resulted in Brink Of Extinction not seeing the light of day. When the album was finally unleashed on the metal hungry masses, it was again greeted with positive reviews and extensive airplay on CJSW’s Megawatt Mayhem.
After an initial search for a new drummer proved unsuccessful they decided to take some time off to write. They kept busy with a few projects including “The Dirty North Boys”, a cover band with long time friends Rob Shawcross (Every Hour Kills/Out of your Mouth) and Brent Stutsky (Every Hour Kills) and also a short lived project with “The Kobra and the Lotus” vocalist Jasio Kulakowski. All the while they continued writing new Sentient material. After the side projects slowed down and closed up shop, they decided to ramp up the drummer search once again in 2013.

Enter Scott Tanner (Thorazine/Operation Wintermist). Scott had played with Sentient back in the day and was coming of a break from playing metal after the disbanding of Operation Wintermist. He had always liked the brand of music Sentient brought to the stage and wanted to come in and try out. After a few practices it was clear that Scott fit right in and Sentient had at long last been resurrected!

Sentient2June of 2014 marked the band’s official return at the local rocker classic venue Vern’s Tavern. Since that day they have been on a barrage of heaviness playing shows in Calgary, Edmonton and Banff including Calgary Metalfest and Edmonton’s Harvesting Hell 2 festival all to great responses. The next step was the release of new material. July of 2015 brought the EP entitled Ceremonial Murder. Features in Beatroute magazine and a BRBR television profile on french music station TFO followed. Metalheads are now counting the days until the full length “Lord of Beasts” hits the shelves in 2016!

Sentient on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SentientMetal/

Sentient Online: http://sentientmusic.net/

Sentient on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/sentientmetal

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