Event Review: 70000 Tons of Metal Wrap Up


Event: 70000 Tons of Metal 

Dates: January 22 – 26, 2015

It’s hard to believe that 70000 Tons of Metal took place a month ago with so many great memories still rattling around in the vacuousness that is my mind. If you’ve been following our event review installments then you’ll know that it’s been my goal to bring you along on each amazing step of the way. Read on then for the wrap up of this incredible experience

While Thursday/Friday were intense and long days, the insanity was about to expand to an all-out sleepless marathon stretching from Saturday morning until Monday. With so much going on in that 48 hours it’s difficult to boil it all down to a few highlights but let us do just that photographically.




One of the bands that was on our list of must-sees was Danish thrashers Artillery who I’ve followed since their inception. They put on a spectacular show in the Platinum Theater and bassist Peter Thorslund and guitarist Michael Stützer were our guests for an interview which will air on Too Metal For Church on MNR in the near future.

Perhaps the surprise of the cruise musically came with Threshold’s set in the theater. I had grabbed their latest album to play on two 70000 Tons specials aired prior to the cruise and was blown away by these English prog-metallers. Lead singer Damien Wilson was a true gentleman; when I ran into him in an elevator after the show I complimented him on his performance with Therion, which of course was the wrong band. Damien was so gracious and even took the time to record a couple of station ID’s for us.

Two unexpected highlights were Finland’s Amorphis and Germany’s In Extremo whose Medieval take on metal was a must see.

One of the shows that I was most looking forward to seeing was Apocalyptica of whom I’ve been a fan since the beginning. The whole notion of playing Metallica passionately and violently on cellos fascinated me from their first release in 1996 but I’d never experienced them live and they certainly didn’t disappoint, presenting their dramatic vision for metal on the pool deck on Saturday night.

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