EP Review ‘Divinity – The Immortalist Part Two – Momentum’


Band: Divinity
Album: The Immortalist Part Two – Momentum
Release Date: February 5, 2016

Calgary based Divinity is a Technical Melodic Death metal band with thrash, death, classic and progressive influences.  Since their demo The Infinity Circle was released in 2002, the band has released two demos, two full length albums and one other demo. Their latest release was the EP The Immortalist, Part One – Awestruck in 2013. Next month the follow-up EP will be released. Will Part Two – Momentum continue where Part 1 – Awestruck ended? Or did the band chose a different direction?

The current line up of the band consists of Sean Jenkins and Jeff Waite on vocals, James Duncan on guitar, Brett Duncan playing the drums and Keith Branston rocking the bass. These men create music to entertain a bigger audience as they aspire to grow. As they state themselves, Divinity is hungry to burn their mark on the annals of 21st century Metal, as they continue to progress towards their destiny as one of Western Canada’s most esteemed acts.

When listening to the EP you get blown away immediately by their song Manhunt. This track kicks off with a chord being struck on the guitar supported by an immense drum blast beat waking you up the second it starts. Personally I think this is a great way to kick off an EP or album since you got the attention of the listener right away. After the very high tempo intro, they slow down a little bit for the verse. Here you finally get to hear the singers. When a band has two singers, one usually assumes that one provides the clean vocals and the other one provides harsh vocals. Not in this case. The combination of grunts and screams on the one hand and grunts and clean vocals on the other hand create a new dimension to the music. Especially when Sean and Jeff rapidly fire lyrics at the listener one after another it gives the listener an overdose of impulses. Since the guitar riffs in most of the songs are very progressive, the music as a whole sounds a bit chaotic yet very coordinated. This paradox is a characteristic of progressive metal.

After Manhunt, it’s time for PsyWar. This title fits the progressive genre very well in my opinion, specifically with the music supporting the lyrics in this track. The intro creates a bit of a musical psychosis with long brakes and short progressive parts. The chorus has very interesting lyrics. ‘This is the war inside your head’ really makes the listener believe the song is about a psychological war, fought in someone’s head.

The two songs Manhunt and PsyWar are completely different from the third track on the EP which is D.M.T. The intro has an acoustic guitar and piano interaction supported by a synthesizer making Sci-Fi sounds. This song reaches a whole new level of progressiveness. During this track, I was convinced that ‘Progressive Death Metal’ would be a more fitting name for the genre than Technical Melodic Death Metal. The overall feeling of this song is less harsh and brutal than the two songs before, providing a nice break for the listener to calm down a little bit. This does not mean that the energy generated throughout the entire song could make you fall asleep. In this track you can hear an interesting riff, followed by an even more interesting one. For a technical music enthusiast, this song especially provides enough meat to keep chewing on for the rest of the day. Around the five minute mark, the song reaches the same level of energy as Manhunt and PsyWar.This, however, is followed by a rather slow and sensitive interlude that lasts till the end. The vocals are very catchy and guide you through the progressive passages and transitions of this song.

The title track of The Immortalist Part 2 – Momentum really makes your brain go wild. One could easily compare the progressiveness of this song to the more progressive songs of Dream Theater for example. The blast beats by the drums give a steady base for the other instruments to fly around the musical grid performing all kinds of riffs that many might consider musical miracles. Momentum is a great closing track of the EP aside from the fact that I would have liked more songs rather than just the four that are present.

The Immortalist Part Two – Momentum, can be seen as a continuation of The Immortalist Part One – Awestruck in many ways, but it can also be seen as a standalone EP as well. The lyrical and musical themes on both EP’s can be considered to be similar. Both EP’s are based on psychological and emotional themes but Part Two can be perfectly listened to without having knowledge of Part One since it does not have a continuous story line.

The only downside to this EP, aside from the fact that it’s rather short, could be the mixing of the vocals. During some parts, the vocals could have been a bit louder. By turning the vocal volume down, they became more like a part of the music. However, by turning the volume down on some parts, the dynamics became more prominent than it would have been if the vocals were just as present throughout the entire EP.

Because of the great interaction between all instruments and the coherence of the EP, I rate this 9/10.

When to listen to or buy Divinity – The Immortalist Part 2 – Momentum? When you are a big fan of progressive influences mixed with harsh vocals and a very energized type of music.

When not to listen to or buy Divinity – The Immortalist Part 2 – Momentum? When you generally dislike any progressive or death metal in general.

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