Ohio’s Engraved Darkness have teamed up with Metal Underground to stream the entirety of their new death metal masterpiece Diabolical Scriptures. The album is a 9 track blast of death metal goodness for fans of Morbid Angel, Deicide, Obituary and other old-school death metal bands. The album is due to be self-released on CD, Bandcamp and other formats this Friday.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08_D6x02GdY?list=PL5HO28PcSyXf0WpVp0dmJsuYrubICpi8J]

You can stream the album at this location: http://www.metalunderground.com/news/details.cfm?

Engraved Darkness was forged in Ohio in December 2009 by Johnnie Wallace (guitars, vocals), Matt Stewart (guitars, backing vocals), and Matt McVey (drums). Their only intentions, to bring the heaviest, most aggressive and brutal music known to mankind. In 2014, the current line up of Johnnie Wallace (guitars, vocals), Jimmy Rose (guitars), and Andy Hall (drums) was created with the addition of Colin Glover (bass, backing vocals) in early 2015 . This lineup has come to be game-changing and the turning point for the band, and is featured on their debut album Diabolical Scriptures.

The band’s sound derives from a vast combination of influences, and the styles of many genres, but is still firmly rooted in death metal. This creates a sound full of dark harmonies, dual-layered vocals, blistering picking with intense beats, and mind infesting riffs that will continuously echo through your skull.

Engraved Darkness have built a reputation for themselves as a formidable live act, and have shared the stage with notable bands such as Six Feet Under, Hate Eternal, Skeletonwitch and Beyond Creation.

Engraved Darkness is:
Johnnie Wallace-Guitars/vocals
Jimmy Rose-guitars
Andy Hall-drums
Colin Glover-bass/backing vocals


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