DevilDriver Interview – Diego ‘Ashes’ Ibarra.


I’ll never forget the first time I went to the O2 Forum in Kentish Town; I was 15 going on 16 and waiting to see Dimmu Borgir. The queue was dead silent with metallers adorned in corpse paint grimacing up at the church that is conveniently situated next to the venue. I returned to this locale, the perfect setting for DevilDriver to interview their newest addition, Diego ‘Ashes’ Ibarra.

Have you been to this venue before?

Ashes: No. I’ve been here before (London) but not to this venue.

So you joined this year?

Ashes: Yeah, it’s been about 5 months.

It’s been quite busy from what I could see!

Ashes: It’s been very busy. We’ve been doing a lot of festivals and shows with Hatebreed, ourselves in Europe, Wacken – all those cool festivals. It’s been great, it’s been a lot of fun – I’m ready to rock!

Although Diego has not been involved in the recording process, he hopes to now be a part of writing and recording.

Were you a fan of DevilDriver before you joined?

Ashes: No, but I used to like Coal Chamber. I still do, they’re good friends of mine.

Ashes was originally working with Coal Chamber, Dez Fafara’s  being one of the founding members, hence how he got involved with DevilDriver, proving the time-old saying it really is who you know.

How have you found the UK so far?

Ashes: I like big cities. I like London It’s a fun city. I come here sometimes to go to a club called Reptile, it’s close by, it’s pretty cool.

The look of disgust at when I mentioned Birmingham! Aha. I totally agree.
Then again, I’m from South London and there is a natural North/South rivalry.12963438_806982612740168_4516233730443328368_n

We started just getting to know each other a bit, chatting like you would with someone you would at a bus stop. Diego has been playing guitar since he was six years old, influenced by his father who also played guitar and his mother who is also a talented musician, playing violin. The biggest thing is that he still loves playing! Well, playing guitar and hiking (though not at the same time, otherwise that would be a pretty stellar audition for a black metal music video).

Ashes: Don’t ever give up – ever. Keep going.

I asked him if he is Mozart, being a child prodigy at six! Turns out, we’ve both been to Mozart’s house in Salzburg. A proud musician moment indeed.

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