Dendritic Arbor hit a double-whammy premiere on Metal Injection and MetalSucks

Dendritic Arbor hit a double-whammy premiere on Metal Injection and MetalSucks

Kicking off the devastating new EP Sentient Village, Obsolescent Garden from the Pittsburgh extreme metallers, “Cotard Delusion” is a bold statement of the insanity contained within, twisting around black metal, grind and noise.

Metal Injection had similarly glowing praise for the track, stating: ” If you need more music in your life where every song leaves you just as mystified as it does horrified, then you need to check “Cotard Delusion” out immediately.”

Stream the track over on their site here:

Secondly, over the weekend MetalSucks posted a song taken from upcoming material as part of a collaboration with Converse Rubber Tracks. Recorded with Kurt Ballou, “Snake Oil” is just shy of 3 minutes of demented blackened grind, with Ballou’s signature production.

” Anyone who claims that metal, as a genre, is stuck in a creative rut hasn’t heard Dendritic Arbor,” the site enthuses. ” Earlier this year, the band’s album Romantic Love provided both grindcore and black metal with a swift kick in the pants; now the song “Snake Oil,” recorded at CRT Boston with Kurt Ballou, proves that  Romantic Love was no fluke.”

Stream this track over there:

Sentient Village, Obsolescent Garden will be self-released on December 30th. Preorders are now available over on the band’s Bandcamp page , and the first 25 preorders get a t-shirt!

Dendritic Arbor are:

Maxwell Beehner – guitars/vocals
Adam Henderson – guitars/vocals
Chris McCune – drums
Thomas Bittner – bass
Kyle Lambert – noise

Dendritic Arbor online:


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