DECEPTIONIST: Italian Death Metallers Drop “Final Innovation – Automatic Time” Lyric Video At No Clean Singing: Album Release Day Looms

DECEPTIONIST: Italian Death Metallers Drop "Final Innovation - Automatic Time" Lyric Video At No Clean Singing: Album Release Day Looms

With the release of Initializing Irreversible Process, the forthcoming new full-length from Rome, Italy’s DECEPTIONIST, now just two weeks away, the brutalizers at No Clean Singing hurl forth a lyric video for the track “Final Innovation – Automatic Time” for communal delight.

 Comments the esteemed blog of the band’s latest single, “The song conjures mental images of an industrialized assembly line, but not one that humankind is capable of constructing.

 The  machine-like skittering of synchronized, start-stop guitar notes and drum beats is so highly accelerated that this assembly line is one that could only be constructed by robotic insectile xenomorphs for whom the beat of a human heart would drag like the crawl of glaciers. Paradoxically, as blazing fast and coldly mechanical as the song is, there’s something hypnotic about listening to it. It induces a strange fugue state, and perhaps equally paradoxical, it beats with its own propulsive groove; your head will continue to move even as your eyes glaze over. And there’s a swirling, swarming guitar solo that comes to life before the song ends which is as intoxicating as it is head-spinning.”

Unique Leader will release Initializing Irreversible Process on CD, LP, and digital formats worldwide on June 17th, 2016

Initializing Irreversible Process was captured with Giuseppe Orlando at Outersound Studios, and finds the devout death metal collective pushing their talents and ingenuity forward in both speed and technicality while simultaneously remaining loyal to our root elements: groove, brutality, and catchiness. Their use of sampling blends seamlessly with harsh guitar riffs, the lyrical content dealing with the relationship between humans and machines in a not-too-distant future world where men and women will live only to serve artificial masters.

Initializing Irreversible Process features the talents of bassist Stefano Franceschini and guest vocalist Enrico H. Di Lorenzo on “Through The Veil,” both members of labelmates Hideous Divinity, as well as the striking covering renderings of Pär Olofsson (Abysmal Dawn, Cult Of Luna, Deeds Of Flesh, Exodus et al).

 Formed in 2013 by guitarist Antonio Poletti and drummer Claudio Testini, who were joined several months later by vocalist Andrea Di Traglia, DECEPTIONIST dispatches a technical breed of death metal heavily integrated with mechanical flair and industrialized elements. Recorded and produced at Outersounds Studios by Giuseppe Orlando, the band’s three-song 2014-released demo was immediately ravenously consumed by fans and media sources alike, with excellent reviews sourced from Europe, North American and beyond. September 2014 saw the induction of second guitarist Fabio Bartoletti (ex-Hideous Divinity), just before the band would begin taking the music to the fans live, while beginning to culminate material for their first album. DECEPTIONIST signed with Unique Leader Records early last year and immediately entered the studio to create what would become Initializing Irreversible Process.

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