Concert Review: Death Rattle, Blood Tribe, Graven Souls, and Suppression


Event: Lords Of A Dead Scene Tour

Performing Bands: Death Rattle, Blood Tribe, Graven Souls, Suppression

Location: Foobar; Nashville, TN

Associated Participants: Dark Harvest Records & Dark Slate Promotions

On Saturday, February 21st, 2015, Music City USA was booming with the sound of local and unsigned metal bands. The Foobar Grill, located in East Nashville, hosted the second night of the “Lords Of A Dead Scene” tour, which featured a few local bands to the area and was headlined by Massachusetts groove metal badasses Death Rattle. As a resident of Nashville, I was stoked to make it out to become more familiar with my local metal scene and to see my friends in Death Rattle perform.So when I was asked to attend the concert and be one of the “faces” of MNR who is sponsoring the tour, I was more than happy to oblige!  For many of the locals, Saturday night was treacherous as much of the snow and ice that we got days earlier was beginning to melt on top of rain which lasted that whole day. These conditions caused some flooding in the area, but Nashville isn’t called “Nash-Vegas” for nothing… people still come out and enjoy the live music and bars that line Broadway and this night was no exception. Driving through downtown on the way to Foobar was tricky at some points, but we made it safely with plenty of time to socialize with the bands and other concert goers before they started to play.

The first band to take the stage was Suppression, a heavy metal band from Clarksville, TN which is just under an hour from Nashville. I had seen these guys play their hometown once before and I really enjoyed them. Suppression get much of their inspiration from bands like Mushroomhead, Hatebreed, and Pantera and it’s evident in the amount of passion and ferocity that they put forth. One of the most impressive things about this band is that their bassist, William Heady, plays with only one hand. He sports a shirt which says “Fear The Nub” referring to his missing left hand. Despite this, he still cranks out some mean riffs and plays with a passion equal to any musician out there.




Once Suppression got things warmed up for us, it was time for a short break as Graven Souls, another local Nashville band, prepared to take the stage. These guys were super fun to hang out with and talk to. I got to chill with them before the show started at The Corner Bar, a small sports bar close to downtown Nashville that serves great food. This was the “rendezvous” point for all the bands who played that night to meet for some pre-show grub and drinks. The hospitality of the Corner Bar staff was exceptional considering how many people we had in our group. It’s definitely worth a stop if your passing through Music City! After dinner and the impressive set that Suppression delivered, Mike Dovich, vocalist for Graven Souls, took to the stage with the rest of the band and cranked out a kick ass 30 minute set. One of the highlights of their performance was hearing Mike give Metal Nation Radio and Metalhead Alliance shout-outs from the stage!  Don’t let his gray hair fool you… he can throw down as good as any of the younger guys playing that night.


Graven Souls:


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