Brutai Interview – Bloodstock, 2016.

Brutai Interview - Bloodstock, 2016.

Brutai: Neo-fashion porn metal inspired by rampantly shagging bunnies! Debuting their newest masterpiece Porn an album that is accompanied by the band’s new signature scent ‘Bunny’. Hurry – scents are limited to the first 100 purchases of the new album. Every 100th buyer gets a free Alexander Wang coat signed by the band.

Now that I have your attention,  progressive rockers Brutai are set to release their new album, Born! No, there are no bunnies and no pornography (sorry!) that’s just a joke that developed in the following conversation with singer Felix Lawrie, bassist Christian Sturgess and drummer Mathieu Bauer.

How was your set?

Felix: It was a lot of fun!

Christian: We had so much space to dispense energy. 

Felix: It’s our first gig in about two or three months.  We had loads of business stuff to sort out so we never really did a run of shows recently.

Christian: We’ve been drilling it really hard in the practice room, so I think it kind of worked out in the end.

It’s been a busy week for you guys, playing Bloodstock, Monday having your new track premiered.

Christian: That’s correct, Of Ashes premiered by Metal Hammer.

Felix: We played that in our set; I think it went down pretty well.

Christian: It’s definitely the more energetic one of the set.

So you were happy bunnies?b2

Felix: One hundred percent yes. I was bouncing around like a bunny.

Do you have a fluffy tail?

Felix: I should probably get one!

Christian: You could attach it to your Alexander Wang coat!

Felix: I could, it would probably look really cool.

Christian: We’re quite fashionable for a metal band – we’re fashion metal!

We tried to get drummer Mathieu to translate ‘fashion metal’ into French, but it would be the same as English which is no fun at all. Although, we did agree that ‘neo-metal’ sounds pretty sexy.

So, debut album?

Felix: It’s been finished for a little while. We’re just trying to sort out the business side of everything, seeing if we’re going to go through a label or self-release it. We’re coming to a decision very soon, but you could probably say it’s coming out towards the end of the year. We want the album out! We have a big tour at the beginning of next year so we want to make sure it’s out before that.

Does the album have a name?

Christian: Yes, it’s called Born.

Felix: We had our new artwork debuted with our single release.

b4What is the artwork?

Felix: It’s done by a guy called  Mario Sanchez Nevado. We’re very happy with the artwork. It caters to the word ‘born’.

I genuinely thought you just said porn…

Felix: Brutai’s debut album ‘Porn’. That would really sell! ‘What’s your album called?’ Porn. ‘I’m gonna buy that!’

Brutai: Bunny-fashion porn!

Christian: Brutai, fashion-metal porn!

Felix: Fashionable bunnies shagging each other.

Felix: It works out quite well with the title because we have a couple of new members so it’s like a new sound.  The band has been going for quite a while but the epitome of what we have wanted to sound like is how we are now, which is why the album is called Born. The band used to be me, Henry and Alex for a few years before Mat and Christian joined and now we feel like we are ready to be born into the world, if that makes sense. There is theoretical stuff behind the name.

Including bodily juices?

Felix: Including bodily juices and shagging bunnies.

What is the sound you’ve been aiming for that you now have?

Felix: I think we’re a nail-on-the-head metal band, always, but we all come from different musical backgrounds. We all bring our different influences into the band. Christian is a very veteran bass player and has been playing any kind of rock and metal music. Mat is from a somewhat  classical background. Henry from a bit of a classical background too. Me and Alex our families are both in the pop industry  when we were growing up so we kind of all bring our whole styles together.  You can really pigeonhole us in terms of what kind of metal we are. We are definitely one hundred percent metal but you get the classical influence, the veteran rock influence you get the pop influence from me and Alex.

Mat: We’re trying to bring something new. You need to give space to everyone.

Felix: We all have our moments to breathe. We are very much a band that has five people who you can hear; no one is in the background.

So none of you are divas, that’s refreshing.

Felix: Well, borderline! Why are there rabbits doing it on our stage?!

Christian: I require a salad and a granola bar immediately!

A gluten-free granola bar…the new album is gluten-free.

So what can we expect with the album?

Felix: I think the best way to describe it is a wall of sound.

Christian: I would say coming into it later on, there are a lot more emotionb1 and atmospherics. There are definitely more big anthems in it, which is great.

Mat: It brings you to a journey. it’s like watching a movie and in each different song, in terms of structure it is sometimes going to be a bit complicated for people but at the same time we are going to have more catchy tunes, more experimental ones. If you pay attention to details, it really makes sense.

Christian: If you sit down and have a proper listen, it is ten tracks that are quite different to each other but there are little moments that are linked together. Plenty of big riffs, big choruses, big solos, big keys and big sounds.

Lads are you trying to compensate for something?!

Felix: I’ve played it to people who don’t even like metal and they like certain tracks. I’ve also played it to hardcore metal fans who love it.

Are you playing anywhere anytime soon?

Felix: We have a lot of dates coming up this month, actually. We’re touring with Devil You Know in January, Howard Jones ex Killswitch Engage and at the end of August we’re touring with the voices of Fuselage and at Camden underworld 24th we’re supporting Soilwork.

If you missed their killer set like I did because I was running around the press area like a crazed bunny, their set has been streamed on their Facebook page which you can find in the links below.

Brutai can be found via the following:


Twitter: @BrutaiBand




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