Album Review: Blaze Bayley – Infinite Entanglement

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Band : Blaze Bayley

Album : Infinite Entanglement

Release Date : March 18th, 2016

Label : Blaze Bayley Recording

A story of a man, set 100 years from now, sent on a one-way mission and a burning question, “Am I Human?” Blaze Bayley introduces us to William Black and his quest for humanity. Former Wolfsbane and Iron Maiden Frontman Blaze Bayley is set to release his eighth studio album in March 2016 entitled ‘Infinite Entanglement’. The 12 track musical journey is to be released as the first of three concept albums by the former Iron Maiden singer.

‘Infinite Entanglement’ is the story of one man’s journey into the unknown, set 100 years from now he is sent on a one-way journey during which his own future is uncertain and the ultimate question of his own humanity is asked……. “Am I Human?”. The central character William Black (narrated by Blaze Bayley) is sent into the abyss of space, perhaps never to return on a quest for identity in this 12 track metal/science fiction epic.

Some would suggest that a concept album is extremely risky business considering the fast evolving landscape of the the music ‘industry’ in the internet age. Produced by Bayley and co-produced by Chris Appleton (Absolva), ‘Infinite Entanglement’ has to be digested in its whole, story and all in order to realise the genius, nay, crazy genius of this man. Much like a good book this album is impossible to listen to in piecemeal fashion, a track here or there – once you’ve picked it up it you begin to lose yourself in the plot.

Stunning production work by Bayley/Appleton and a huge list of players and guests (including Chris Appleton’s brother Luke) ‘Infinite Entanglement’ is set to be a 21 century masterpiece of metal and we believe a book will follow the albums at some point. As previously mentioned, the story does not end with this album, a further two albums are set to the future-fable and scheduled for release at currently undisclosed times, hopefully not 100 years from now.

With the complexity and detail of this album what was most impressive is that the musicians were able to transpose this to sound and understand the story even before it was written. Not one single track is filler as they all have an important part to play in the story of William Black and in its unfolding we are compelled to hear more, eagerly anticipating how the story will play out moving forward.

It would be easy to compare the idea with other pieces of science fiction which have been associated with music, H.G Wells “War of The Worlds” is the first that springs to mind and Bayley makes no secret of his love affair with the genre. I consider this album to be metal’s very own science fiction love affair, appealing to our imaginations through Blaze Bayley’s vivid and stark look at the future through the eyes of his character. An utterly brilliant concept album, staggeringly catchy pieces and first class musicianship as one might expect from this famed perfectionist. With moments of both beauty and brutality, it is a metalhead’s metal album, one for the collection but certainly not one for the shelf.

Blaze’s fans have been waiting 4 years for a new studio album and ‘Infinite Entanglement’ delivers with heavy, powerful and melodic themes, passionate performances and intelligent lyrics.

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“This is in my opinion the best album I’ve ever done” says Blaze. “It’s a full-blown concept album but you can still enjoy each song without knowing the story. I’ve always loved science fiction and I’ve always been interested in cosmology, the nature of consciousness and human identity. For the first time I’ve been able to combine all of those things in one album. I’ve had the pleasure to work with several excellent musicians on this album, such as Absolva, Michelle Sciarrotta and many others. We have been able to create the album at Robanna’s studio in Birmingham, making sure the quality of this record is outstanding. I embark on a 3-month European Tour this spring to promote Infinite Entanglement, followed by a World Tour which will see me visit South & Central America, as well as Canada.”

This album gets the mark out of ten that it deserves, not only for the music but for the balls and vision of the man himself.

10/10 –  Review by Adam Onslaught

The band….
Blaze Bayley : lead vocals
Chris Appleton : guitar, backing vocals
Martin McNee : drums, percussion
Karl Schramm : bass, backing vocals

Michelle Sciarrotta : acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Thomas Zwijsen : acoustic guitar
Anne Bakker : violin
Emily Pembridge : Keyboards, piano
Joanne Robinson : backing vocals
Mel Adams : backing vocals
Luke Appleton : backing vocals
Liz Owen : backing vocals

The voice actors….
Blaze Bayley : William Black
Aine Brewer : Professor Alice Brewer
Rob Toogood : Director Richard Pembridge
James Dunn : Doctor Alan Davis
Michelle Sciarrotta : Laika Westford

Producer : Blaze Bayley
Co-Producer : Chris Appleton

Artwork : Andreas Sandberg

Website :

Infinite Entanglement official release date 18th March 2016 via Blaze Bayley Recording


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  1. foundingMUTHER says:

    Awesome Album!!! This is why I still get excited about heavy metal. The vocal melodies are sweet, the choruses are huge, and the music is an adventure. The best album in a thousand years.

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