Allfather stream “Mouth of the Beast” at Echoes & Dust

Allfather stream "Mouth of the Beast" at Echoes & Dust

UK based  ALLFATHER have teamed up to premiere their new song “Mouth of the Beast” at Echoes & Dust. The track is a five-minute blast of hardcore infused sludge for fans of Corrosion of Conformity, Down and High on Fire. It is taken from the band’s new album Bless the Earth With Fire which will be released via Static Tension Recordings on April 29 2016.

Stream “Mouth of the Beast” here:

Pre-order Bless the Earth With Fire (US orders) here:

Pre-order Bless the Earth With Fire (UK/Europe orders) here:

Bassist Andrew Day commented about the track ” The song was written as a response to fascism literally landing on our doorstep. Extreme right-wing UK political party UKIP got an MP elected in Rochester off the back of anti-immigrant rhetoric and were quickly followed by far-right thugs from pound-shop Nazis Britain First ‘protesting’ on the high street. Band members were involved in the counter-demonstration against Britain First and the song lyrics came out of frustration at having to confront open racism and racist violence in the town we live in. Musically Mouth of the Beast started as punk/sludge and the doom parts came out of jamming through the song’s end a few times, then just seeing how crazily slow and heavy we could get without it falling apart. It’s what we’d like to think Woodie Guthrie would have done if he’d been into Buzz*oven rather than Jimmy Rodgers.”


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