Album Review: ThroatpuncH – “Can’t Understand Normal Thinking”


ThroatpuncH – Can’t Understand Normal Thinking

Released: Nov 16/2013


I’ve been familiar with Georgia based metal band ThroatpuncH since they released their debut self-titled album back in 2010, so when news broke they were releasing a sophomore album I was immediately intrigued.

Their new album “Can’t Understand Normal Thinking” showcases the diversity and talent this band possesses. It was refreshing to know that they did not allow themselves to be painted into a proverbial corner when it comes to genre identification by presenting many different elements in each song.

The opening track “Murder on the First Date”, immediately caught my attention with its slow intro and had me wondering what I was in for, but it wasn’t long before the song kicked into gear and I knew that this was going to be damn good. I particularly enjoyed the hook and solo break towards the end of the song and the ‘orgasm’ really sums up what the song is about.

Other notable songs on the album are “Captain Jack”, “Warrior”, “Lucky” and “Sleeper Cell”. These are by far the heaviest songs on the album that all display some heavy riffs and beats, but also showcases vocalist Adam Lahr’s ability to belt out some very well written songs.

The highlight of this album for me personally is “The Boonies”. This song is what I was referencing to earlier when I stated how they did not allow themselves to be painted into a corner. It is truly a beautiful song that may even remind some of Nirvana with its slow set pace and Lahrs vocal style, but that’s where the comparison ends. This track played with my emotions with its change in tempos and for me is what makes it a brilliant piece of art.

I should also note that the band has definitely progressed well since their debut and is especially noticed in the improvement of guitarist Ashley Taylor and bassist Paul Lawrence.

Thoroughly enjoyed “Can’t Understand Normal Thinking” and all in all this is one of the best albums to come my way from an unsigned independent band this year.

Rating 4/5


ThroatpuncH are:

Adam Lahr- Vocals

Ashley Taylor- Lead Guitar

Webb Huffstatler- Guitar

Paul Lawrence- Bass

 Kevin Welborn- Drums

Carey- DJ???

Review by:

Trev McKendry

About Trev McKendry

Trev McKendry is the CEO of Metal Nation and also a radio personality on Metal Nation Radio

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