Album Review: Threshold – European Journey

Threshold - European Journey - Artwork

Band: Threshold

Album: European Journey (Live)

Release Date: November 13th, 2015

Label: Nuclear Blast

I am a bit late in reviewing European Journey, I know, but I had to do it non-the-less, both as a Threshold fan and as the disc (and the band) deserve more attention. Concert albums are a whole different thing in my book – I don’t usually buy them. I prefer watching a band live or watching the live DVD’s (VHS in the past if you were into this music back then). There are several reasons for this. The most obvious one is not being able to feel the atmosphere of a full album because of the variety in track list. I only have two exceptions to this. One is Blind Guardian, as I am a huge fan, and the other one is Iron Maiden.

Well, that said, I can now pass on to reviewing the two disc long Threshold’s European Journey as put my two cents on the table. I really like Threshold. Heck, the very first show I had on Metal Nation Radio, I had started with Threshold’s Watchtower on the Moon. So, how does this live album sound to my ears? First, let us focus on sound. The album’s sound is really good. It is engineered, of course, but it doesn’t hinder the feeling of flow. Powerful guitars and keyboards accompanied by a solid bass-drum duo gives the much needed (and lacked in many other) power a live album needs. Damien Wilson’s vocals are top notch and overall, the sound is truly enjoyable in this aspect. Tracks are varied. We have tracks all the way back from the Extinct Instinct era. Well, not as varied as in having a track from each of their albums. Of course, for a band like Threshold with so many releases (10 studio albums if I didn’t count my collection wrong), it is hard to pick 15 tracks and they probably left out some fan favorites (no brainer). You can’t please everyone. The tracks are from For The Journey, March of Progress, Dead Reckoning, Subsurface , Hypothetical. The big surprise for the band fans is having Part of the Chaos on the list.

The disc is built from recordings they had at various venues through the For the Journey tour. To be sincere, the only question comes into mind is why Threshold is not a better known band. Their quality is top notch and not having their albums in a progressive / power metal archive is blasphemy.

I really enjoyed the disc. Although I prefer listening to albums on their own, as I previously stated, this disc would satisfy the eargasm needs of any Threshold fan. The full track list is as follows: Slipstream, The Hours, Liberty Complacency Dependency, Ground Control, Unforgiven, Long Way Home, Part Of The Chaos, Coda , Watchtower On The Moon, Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams,  Lost In Your Memory,  Mission Profile, The Box, Turned To Dust, Ashes.


Karl Groom | guitars

Richard West | keyboards

Johannes James | drums

Steve Anderson | bass

Pete Morten | guitars

Damian Wilson | lead vocals

Official Threshold Website

Official Threshold Facebook


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