Album Review: Third Ion – 13/8 Bit


Band: Third Ion

Album: 13/8 Bit

Label: Glasstone Records

Release Date: 25th May, 2015

Canadian based Third Ion began their quest for domination in mid-2010, after writing some material and finding the right members to join, they have established themselves as dedicated song writers and musicians. With their release of their first album 13/8 Bit, they have brought a progressive style with many different moods and time changes.

Before I put 13/8 Bit on for the first time I didn’t know what to expect and this was partially due to their front cover as they went for an old school video game look. Upon the first listen its starts with a piece of music that sounds like it’s from an old video game and then changes into the present with progressiveness. The sound that Third Ion are bringing with them I found quite interesting as its very original with different time changes and the use of many different sounds that make the album sound like a science fiction movie, the track Zero Mass is a good example of this. There is some robotic effect on the vocals in some of the tracks which makes a good effect but it is something that not everyone will enjoy.

Speaking of the music itself, Third Ion play very well together, the music is tight and each member knows what their role is. I find the drumming to be the foundation of the album keeping everything tight and together. Guitars have some good riffs and soloing but what I found the most impressive was the bass, as I am a sucker for a good bass line and also bass fills and solos which were unexpected on the first listen so bass lovers please do rejoice. Vocals to me were a cross between Maynard James Keenan (Tool) and Chino Mereno, (Deftones) some of the effects on the vocals bring a good contrast, though on some occasions I found the vocals to be somewhat droning too much. But with that being said the vocalist does have a lot of talent which shows on this album.

My favourite track on the album would be Time Lapse Beta, as I do enjoy a long track with many different styles and moods in the mix, this track definitely shows the vocalist range and shows what he can do with his voice. Other mentionable songs are Zero Mass and The Kineticist.

Even though this album has its faults, it is still a well written album shows a lot of talent and musicianship. As I have said previously this album is not for everyone as some people may not like the different time changes, moods and the different background sounds the album brings.

To close the review I want to end with this quote that was said by my girlfriend upon hearing this album, she was also impressed by this album, “This is what happens when you give nerds musical instruments.”

Reviewed by Brent Logan

Final Ranking 7/10

Band Members

Justin Bender – Guitar

Aaron Edgar – Drums

Mike Young – Bass

Tyler Gilbert – Vocals


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