Album Review: Skinflint – Nyemba

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Band: Skinflint

Album: Nyemba

Label: Pure Steel Records

Release Date: January 16, 2015

Hailing from Botswana, Africa, Skinflint are set to see worldwide distribution of their fourth full-length album, “Nyemba” via Pure Steel Records. “Heavy Metal from Africa?” you say. Absolutely! 

I was immediately intrigued by Skinflint because when I look at our station’s online listener map that shows the location of each listener across the world in real-time, there are rarely listeners on the African continent. Further research however has revealed the there is quite a strong metal scene in Botswana, a small country of 2 million people, and Skinflint is perhaps its most successful metal export.

Skinflint is led by guitarist/vocalist Giuseppe Sbrana and plays a style that the label’s promo sheet describes as “obscure epic and heavy metal”. After repeated hearings I can confirm that as an apt description. The 8 track release is a dark, vibrant and moody journey that finds its roots in the early NWOBHM movement and sources African folklore for its lyrics.

Vocally Sbrana delivers what is best described as a black-metal tinged snarl over tightly formed grooves and some very tasty guitar work that finds marvelous melodic and rhythmic support from Kebonye’s nimble bass. Drums are more than ably handled by Sandra “Hurricane Sandy” Sbrana and the overall production is excellent with a wide sonic palate and those deep, satisfying lows that we all love.

Highlights include the albums’ second track, “The Pits of Wydah”, a tune that wouldn’t find itself out-of-place in the heyday of metal’s developement in the early 80’s, “The Wizard and His Hound” a spectacular interpretation of American heavy blues, and the release’s final track, “The Witches Dance” that fans of the NWOBHM will love.

Skinflint’s “Nyemba” is an excellent listen that only improves with each hearing. If you dig something a little different then you should definitely check it out.

Reverend Rock’s Rating:  8/10

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