Album Review: Resumed – Alienations


Band: Resumed

Album: Alienations

Release Date: December 1st, 2014

Label: Bakerteam Records

Technical death metal is one of those sub-genre’s that can easily be ‘overdone” in my opinion. If it’s too technical, or there’s too many obscure elements included, then it often makes the music less enjoyable for me. There is definitely some tact and fineness required to produce a quality tech-death album, and the guys from RESUMED have shown us exactly what that means. Resumed hail from Sulmona, Italy and consist of four members: Daniele Presutti (guitar/vocals),  Carlo Alfonso Pelino (guitar), Filippo Tirabassi (drums), and Giulia Pallozzi (bass). Together, they have produced an amazing piece of work with their debut album “Alienations” which is due to be released December 1st, via Bakerteam Records. The band was founded in September of 2007 under the name “Holy Terror”, but later changed their name to Resumed and produced their self-produced demo CD “Human Troubles” in 2009. The demo eventually led to the completion of their freshman album. In 2010, Resumed focused on their live activity and in the meantime, signed a deal with Bakerteam Records for the release of Alienations. This album is a massive piece of old-school technical death metal, enriched with many musical contamination’s coming from jazz, fusion, funk and Latin music, progressive atmospheres and “virtuoso” playing. Boasting a set of eight tracks, each song deals with a particular distortion of the human psyche. Another notable point about Resumed is that Alienations was produced by the band’s own drummer Filippo Tirabassi at FG Music Studio in Sulmona, Italy.

Starting things of on this album is “Dead Inside” which offers us an intense drum intro followed by some tactful guitar work, letting us know right away that this is definitely tech-death. The song continues to impress with some slower grooves, speedy riffs, and a couple parts that show off the “jazz” influences. Track two is the title track of the album and introduces a faster, more groove oriented side of Resumed and leads into a track that would definitely spark a mosh pit when played live.  This particular song is one of my favorites on the album because it really embodies the meaning of technical death metal for me. You have so many elements present that when combined, make for an exceptional musical feat. And they do it so well that it doesn’t sound “sloppy”. Next we have “Infected”, another song that opens with a slower, “Pantera-ish” groove and continues to keep that momentum throughout the entire track. Track four, “Predicting The Future” is probably the most “jazziest” song on the album from beginning to end. I feel like it’s one of the most technical songs on the album as well as it boasts some of the most precise and tactful guitar solos so far, and a very audible bass line which adds to the density of the track. This is definitely one of their best songs on the whole album.

The last half of the album doesn’t lose momentum at all and track five, titled “U.F.O” proves that with an amazing guitar solo for an intro. This song has a lot of prog/fusion elements throughout and I could really appreciate the musicianship that it took to produce this track.  You can hear a sample of this track below, and you’ll see what I mean:

“Into The Trip” is the sixth track and at this point of the album, Resumed has gotten us into the groove of tech-death rather well and they continue to do so with this song. Nothing exceptionally different from the rest of the album, but certainly not a bore to listen to. The second to last track is called “Seeking Perfection” and I really feel like this song focused more on the traditional death metal sound, rather than being too technical. The guitars shred, the drums pound, the bass is thick, and the vocals are demonic… a fantastic combination for a solid death metal song. The album wraps up with “Secret In Mind” and this is one of my other personal favorites. I love the groovy intro and blast beats that follow. The song offers enough intensity at moments for a good mosh, then backs of just enough to let you appreciate the musical mastery taking place. It has some of the best guitar and drum work on the whole album. A very solid song to close out an amazing album.

Alienations Tracklisting

1: Dead Inside

2: Alienation

3: Infected

4: Predicting The Future

5: U.F.O

6: Into The Trip

7: Seeking Perfection

8: Secret In Mind

Resumed is:

Daniele Presutti – guitar, vocals
Carlo Alfonso Pelino – guitar
Filippo Tirabassi – drums
Giulia Pallozzi – bass


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My Rating: 8/10

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