Album Review: Orden Ogan – Ravenhead

OO_R-C_1500x1500Band: Orden Ogan

Album: Ravenhead

Label: AFM Records

ORDEN OGAN are the most promising band of the new power metal generation as said by their record label AFM records. The band was formed in 1996 by Sebastian Grütling (drums) and Sebastian Levermann (lead vocals and guitar). They currently have 3 demo albums and 4 full-length albums. The band currently consists of Sebastian Levermann (guitar and lead vocals), Tobi (guitar), Niels Löffler (bass guitar), Dirk Mever-Berhorn (Drums), Nils (keys and backing vocals). 

Their newest release, Ravenhead, was a love at first listen to me. Since I’m a big fan of the power metal genre, I was curious to listen to say the least. When I was all set and ready to go I pressed the play button and the album started with the song Orden Ogan. This is a typical opening track but I fell in love already. However, when the title track, Ravenhead, started playing, I was in love even more.

The song blew me away. All the energy bundled together in one song made me very excited to listen to the rest of the it. The song Ravenhead itself has a very powerful intro. Orden Ogan doesn’t like to keep you waiting so they start with a powerful piece of art. All the power is present throughout the entire song. The chorus is catchy in a good way which can be heard more often with similar power metal bands.

After Ravenhead the song F.E.V.E.R. kicks off. This song has been released as a single and was used as a teaser for all the fans waiting for Ravenhead to be released. The power in this song lies within its melody. When listening to the start, you almost get the feeling that you are listening to a Nightwish song until the vocals kick in. The vocals in the intro make you want to stand together with your friends and yell along with full power. After this intro, the heavy guitar riffs burst into your face and leave you all melted. The chorus is linked back to the intro of the song.

The overall feeling of the album is rather energetic. They keep the feeling alive for the entire album. Even the more relaxing songs such as A Reason To Give contain this energy in a certain way. A Reason To Give is a more ballad based song which is used as an interlude for the fans to calm down while listening. This song is even more based on melody.

Other songs worth mentioning are Evil Lies In Every Man, Deaf Among The Blind, Sorrow Is Your Tale and Too Soon. Together with the songs named before, that adds up to 7 highly recommended songs on an 11 song album. And these are only the outstanding tracks! The other tracks are great as well.

My final remark about the album in its entirety is that the energy is well-distributed and kept on a constant level. The fact that almost every song has a catchy chorus leaves the listener thinking about the album for a long time after the “stop button” has been pushed. With more relaxing songs such as A Reason To Give and Too Soon, the album is very well-balanced. About the editing and final mix, nothing to complain, they did a great job!

When to buy/listen to Orden Ogan – Ravenhead? When you are a big fan of power metal. This is the most important reason in my opinion. Besides that, when you are feeling low or tired, this album might be the energizer you just needed!

When not to buy/listen to Orden Ogan – Ravenhead? When you don’t like the concept of power metal. When you prefer more aggressive music such as death metal, I would not recommend looking up this album.

My final grade for this album: 10/10!

Outstanding tracks:



Evil Lies In Every Man

A Reason To Give

Deaf Among The Blind

Sorrow Is Your Tale

Too Soon 


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