Album review: Open Air -Lessons from the Crow


Band: Open Air

Album : Lessons From The Crow

Label: Independent 

Release Date: August 28th, 2015

Open Air is set to release “Lesson’s From The Crow” upon an unsuspecting world on August 28, 2015. Why should you care? Amidst the noise of independent releases the band has crafted an fine album that all metal and hard rock fans should be able to appreciate.

Founded in 2009, in Calgary, Canada, the band are revitalizing and modernizing the sound of the good old hard rock of the 1970’s. Their raw, and well organized lyrics, vocals and sound, provide a fresh look at a legendary era, .  This is a very well put together album, very solid, crisp voice, and lyrics from the heart. When this album came across my desk, I did not know what to expect from as my editor described it as,  “groovy 70’s style hard rock with a killer vocalist“, but listening to the album for the last few days, I am finding myself intrigued by the new, harmonious  melodies and the uniqueness of each song. With influences like Led Zeppelin, The Who, Rush, Velvet Revolver, JET and many more, the album leaves me hungry for more. With the their evolution from All My Queen, a 6 song EP, to this new album, “Lessons from the Crow”, Open Air brings you a new taste of music heaven. 


Creatures is the first song off the album, and this track, to me, depicts the contemporary feel of both the present day and an unforgettable 70’s feel . This song, reminds the listener not to get lost in the chase for the money and fame. You can really get to hear the powerful vocals of  Steve Mansfield and what a good  lyricist he is, drilling into your soul, with such voice.

14 Days is my favorite song off the album, and this is the quintessential blend of old and classic hard rock coupled with the new and refreshing vibe of the modern day. The drums are fantastic, Josh Hernden gives life and a well defined tone to a down to earth album.  I can loose myself in the lyrics of this song, it gets me thinking “where will I stand two weeks from now only time will tell”, and I’m left wanting more of their music.

Another track that stands out, is Assassin. This is probably the heaviest song of the album. The guitars are strong, bringing out the talent of musicians like Garrett Greenhall and Tyler Bourne. The amazing voice and drums wrap the song in a Led Zeppellin feel, but its all Open Air taste. The vocals do not cease to amaze the humble me. I am looking forward to see what their career will bring.


Each track is engaging with nary a filler cut, bringing out that cutting-edge voice  of today and epic sound of the 70’s. It has that classic rock groove that paved the road for many of today’s bands. Each song invites you to find that lost love, let your guard down and be vulnerable, to be free and not afraid to take chances. This new album from Open Air, is an album for generations of music lovers of all ages. Enjoy!

Princess Of The Dawn’s Rating: 9/10

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                                           Open Air is: Garrett Greenhall – Guitar, Backing Vocals, Tyler Bourne – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals, Steve Mansfield – Lead Vocals, Josh Hearnden – Drums, Backing Vocals.  

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