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When I first listened to Spanish metal band Nigromante, and their full length album debut Black Magic Night, I could tell what they were trying to do instantly.  I could tell that they are heavily influenced by the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal music; and I’m not talking about the most popular of NWOBHM bands like Iron Maiden or Motörhead, but rather I’d imagine that Nigromante are far more interested in bands like Angel Witch or Venom, those deep cut bands from the 80’s that not nearly enough metal heads remember.

The albums opening track, Heavy Metal Age, has Venom written all over it. It’s pre-thrash speed and mid-level production quality reminds me of Venom’s Welcome to Hell. Even the singing by vocalist/guitarist Angel Muñoz “Choco” is something unique. I mean, it’s not really that good, but it’s still unique. He sings with absolute rasp, but still tries to maintain a rhythm, just like many vocalists from some of the heaviest bands that were around before heavy metal decided to start blending in hardcore vocals.

The album continues to belt out good hitting yet imperfect metal tunes, like the demonic title track Black Magic Night and In Nomine Pater as well as doom/thrash fused tracks such as Saturnalia of Blood, False Idol and Syndicate of Crime. All tracks have a good classic heavy metal sound to them before the band decided to include a cover of hardcore punk band Los Ilegales’ song Soy Un Macarra. I’ll admit that I have no knowledge of Los Ilegales, but the inclusion of this song on the album provides a much needed change into something faster paced. To this point, the album has mainly had slower songs. Even songs like False Idol which heavily required a double bass drum wasn’t necessarily fast paced. So the inclusion of this cover does provide good texture to the album. It is then followed by Satan Death Squad which has a similar pace to the rest of the album, but I find they turn up the intensity just enough to differentiate it.

The album ends with an instrumental, Summoning Spell. The problem with this instrumental is, the low production value of the album just completely takes away almost every aspect of what the band is trying to sound like here. Frankly, to this point of the album, the low production hasn’t been a problem. It actually made the album sound quite good. But Summoning Spell, a short instrumental only features the sound of guitars, could have sounded better. The sound does successfully resemble what I would imagine would be the soundtrack to someone on his way down to hell, but it just sounds like something I could have recorded with a tape recorder or two and just screws up what could have been a relatively good closer for the album.

As previously mentioned, what Nigromante is trying to achieve with Black Magic Night is being done with good intentions. They did make an album that sounds like it could have been recorded in 1981 or so and should be included in the record collection of someone whose arsenal includes Venom and Tygers of Pan Tang. Fans of those bands don’t seem to mind imperfect vocals, just as long as the music is loud and hellish. I do feel that Choco, the band’s vocalist, finds a slightly better way to mix his raspy voice with the melodies he is trying to achieve. If he can, than future recordings by Nigromante are sure to be very good.


Phil Lisotti of Rock Review Phil



Satan Death Squad” –­ It was between this and Saturnalia of Blood. Both songs have what I feel are the catchiest choruses accompanied by some good, slow, heavy and scary verses. Satan Death Squad, however, just seems to have so much more intensity and effort put in to it to make the track sound as dynamic as possible.



7.5 (Out of 10)


Track List:


Heavy   Metal Age



Black   Magic Night



In   Nomine Pater



Saturnalia   of Blood



False   Idol



Syndicate   of Crime



Soy Un   Macarra



Satan   Death Squad



Summoning   Spell


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