Album Review: Lamb of God – VII: Sturm und Drang

Lamb Of God - VII Sturm Und Drang - Artwork

Band: Lamb of God

Album: VII: Sturm und Drang

Release Date: July 24th 2015

Label: Nuclear Blast

At first, I just wanted to write “OK” and be done with it. My editor Ross would probably hang me for that. So, Lamb of God… More drama than music surrounded the band for the past five years due to the Randy Blythe manslaughter case. The talks were about whether if he would be found guilty or not, rather than the release of Resolution (2012). Now comes another album and media is finally focusing back on the music, rather than the drama. So, VII: Sturm und Drang

A friend of mine asked me if I liked the album and I told him it was OK. Now, I’m writing these lines about a week later and I still feel the same. The album is OK. Nothing more, nothing less. An album usually grows on you or it tires you after a while. Nothing of that sort happened with VII and I decided to dig deeper. What I found is that, from my personal taste and perspective of course, most of the songs come to that sweet spot of “interesting!” and as if the band intentionally wanted to avert this feeling, they turn into anti-climax pieces. Ashes of the Wake was Lamb of God’s best for many, including me, and I think that still is the case. VII doesn’t come anywhere near to threaten the crown.

The album starts with Still Echoes, typical Lamb of God modern metal (whatever that means) piece. We used to call these things thrash metal in the past. Perhaps it is the new trend of over editing sounds that changed the name. Or perhaps people could never learn to write thrash with an “h” and forced the hand of record labels. Still Echoes is one of the highlights of the album with its fast pace with occasional blast beat bridges and demolishing riff work. It is also a deceiver of souls. This track makes you feel as if the whole album will rock. But then, we face with reality; the variety in songs is generally shallow. Still Echoes is like the sum of the whole CD but in a way that renders listening to the rest (most of the tracks) rather unnecessary. Such waste. There are some really good moments like the solo of Erase This. 512 is another track of this caliber. It has ideas, different touches. At times, I even thought I was listening to In Flames in their The Jester Race era. That was a good era.

I can write more but I’m not sure if there is any point. It is a mediocre album. As I previously said, an “OK” album. I saw a review saying “just another Lamb of God” and I agree. Maybe the break Randy Blythe talked about in December will be the most needed refreshing touch. If you like the general tone of similar Lamb of God songs and not expecting anything new, VII: Sturm und Drang may attract your attention. There is also the factor that you may like to hear Chris Adler on drums and fantasize about the new Megadeth stuff. But if you are like me and cannot find an excuse not to listen Ashes of the Wake instead of VII, then there are lots of other fish in the sea to pass time with. Maybe I should’ve just risked it with Ross kicking my ass and wrote “OK…”


Line Up

Randy Blythe – vocals

Mark Morton – guitars

Willie Adler – guitars

John Campbell – bass

Chris Adler – drums

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Official Lamb of God Website


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