Album Review: Destruction – Under Attack


Artist: Destruction

Album: Under Attack

Release Date: May 13th, 2016

Label: Nuclear Blast

The first issue I ever wrote for a metal magazine had the 2001 release, The Antichrist featured on its cover. Nope, I did not write the review for that one but… Well, you know, it is a sentimental issue to have the new Destruction review assigned to me… After fourteen albums and thirty-four years of neck breaking thrash metal, it is somewhat hard to review a band’s new album. Especially when it is thrash. Why you ask… Is it because the main requirement of the genre is anger and destruction (no pun intended) or is it because the genre is not in need of anything extra introduced? I cannot say. But I can describe you the sound of Under Attack

Now, even before the sound or the new elements of the album, we should mention how Destruction keeps it aggressive and “on edge” with Under Attack. Getting old is the ultimate reality of anything and everything we experience. Our lives, our art and everything in between. Heck, even our sex life. Thrash metal always carries that aggressive, “fuck this shit” attitude and through the decades, almost all the music created by thrash metal artists focused on this anger. A vengeful hate against everything unjust in our lives. Whether it be war or justice, government lies or religious extremism; thrash metal was there to blow off the steam and raise our voice. Most of those thrash bands are somewhat softer now. Reasons vary; some are no longer angry at things they had mentioned in their albums or accepted the fact that the system is invulnerable. Or they simply passed the threshold in means of financial security to give a fuck about such things. Heck, let us be blunt; they got old. However, some bands still try to carry the torch. Under Attack is one such disc from one such band; the mighty Destruction

The drumming, the somewhat dirty, scattered guitar and bass sound, melodies and riffs washed in rage carry you through the disc. The album offers no room to breathe, no breaks and no mercy. It does not concern itself with delivering delicate, varied melodies and an ocean of emotions. No, it only promises anger and it delivers. It is one hell of a neck breaker. Now, I know there is a “Big-4” out there and I can agree on certain things creating the ground to tag that name but today, if it is neck-breaking thrash metal you are looking for, then the names you should look for are Sodom, Kreator, Testament and, of course, Destruction. You can add Exodus and some others to this list as well, but you cannot argue about Destruction’s hard-earned, carved in stone place. Symphony X’s Underworld had more thrash than any of the Big-4 releases in the last decade anyway. If you have doubts about my claims, go listen to Kiss of Fire.

Under Attack does no wrong to change that standing. You want to wear your leather jacket (I do not know where you live but it is 27 degrees Celsius out here btw. so no leather jackets for me), buy a six pack or three from the local store and throw mean looks at people passing by as you enjoy the hatred pouring out your headphones.

I will write some tracks here to check the disc’s feel but if you really need one track to “judge” the album, Stigmatized is the track to go. Fast paced drums, freight train heavy guitar work and Schirmer’s angry, dirty vocals tell you the story.

I had hopes from Slayer’s Repentless after the very promising title track but the rest of the album lacked that thrash energy. Well, worry no more my metal brothers and sisters; we have Destruction coming to our aid. Tracks to check, besides Stigmatized are; Getting Used to the Evil, Second to None and Under Attack.


Line up:

Marcel “Schmier” Schirmer – Bass, vocals

Mike Sifringer – Guitars

Wawrzyniec “Vaaver” Dramowicz – Drums


Official Destruction Homepage

Official Destruction Facebook



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