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 Deicide has just released their newest (and 11th) album: “In the Minds of Evil“. Deicide has always been one to bring intensity and hard-punching music to the metal masses; and needless to say, they DID NOT disappoint. I sat in my room, turned on the album, the title track “In the Minds of Evil” came out, and my face just made this evil, metal looking kind of face and my mind definitely went to an evil state.

The album is just an overall “I wanna punch you in the face” kind” of album. The riffs used are rather old school in the way that they just feel dirty and ugly (in a good way of course), my neck gets sore after listening to the album from all the head banging. My horns are always raised.

The album started off with the title track “In The Minds of Evil“, this song set the tone for the whole as it showcases the really dirty heaviness that this album projects. This leads into the instant craziness of “Thou Begone” and “Godkill“. I was trying to mosh in my room, but there was no one around unfortunately.  What got me the most is that despite the brutality, the album is rather catchy, I find myself just chanting along to their songs such as “Kill The Light of Christ” or “Between the Flesh and the Void

Glen’s vocals are as intense as ever. The guitar work is fast paced, heavy, and outstanding with the way that the songs are constructed and put together, this is the first album to feature Kevin Quirion as a full-time guitarist. Steve Asheim drums are the usual Deicide way, it’s like the drummer is a machine (“Fallen To Silence” and “Trample The Cross” are fitting examples of his intensity”). The songs just go together and work out very well.

An album metalheads should pick up. Lift the horns and get lost in Deicide.


Rating: 10/10



Glen Benton – vocals, bass guitar

Steve Asheim – drums

Jack Owen – guitars

Kevin Quirion – guitars

Review By:

Brandon Gruber



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